Have Cheetah,Will View #233 – “The Setback” (2013)

It’s 7:41 pm
cold and grey

So I was talking to my friend Lon Lopez the other week about the possibility of his doing a guest reviewer spot for us here. Lon is the friend and fellow film buff who sent us our first box of films which you can check out here.  With October coming up I thought Lon would be the perfect guy to drop a couple of fresh horror reviews for the faithful followers of the cheetah.
He mentioned that he was really busy as he had dropped new short film and doing the normal promo work for it. I said “As you know,the cheetah and I thrive on short films and we would love to take a peek.”
Well we did….and it was epic and awesome as all hell. It also was chapter 3 in a 10 chapter story Lon was telling. The cheetah said “We can’t review chapter 3 first,that would be like watching “The Human Centipede 3″ first.” Now before I could question the cheetah about how the hell he knows about “The Human Centipede”,he had found part one of Lon’s massive undertaking,”The Setback” and we should watch it.

This is our first time viewing a A.F.A.M. film and since you’re wondering what that means,let Lon tell you in his own words.

“Action Figure Action Movie or A.F.A.M. is the stop motion web series that imagines big budget action films as if they were starring action figures. Partly inspired by Robot Chicken, A.F.A.M. is less of a sketch comedy show and more of an homage to hard hitting, high octane, action movies.

Created by Lon Lopez and Rob Wilson, A.F.A.M., uses painstaking traditional stop motion animation with some digital overlays and the process can be long and arduous. Not only do Lopez and Wilson create original characters from modified store bought figures, they also create all the custom dioramas and set pieces.”

In “The Setback”,a group of evil businessmen are trying to get a pipeline built through a poor city (think Flint,Mich) no matter the cost in lives or property. The only hope these poor city people is “Super Weapon”.
The cabal of businessmen have hired a group of mercs called “The Roaches to clear the neighborhood and the leader of the group is telling his boss why they failed.

Now as you can see,Lon and his co-creator have put in a LOT of work into establishing A.F.A.M. as a very cool format. The detail to getting the right figures and building the sets is on the screen. While the cheetah was cheering on Stephen Lang aka “Super Weapon”,I was wondering how they went around filming this exciting 5 minutes slice of action and adventure. If I didn’t know any better,I swear I thought the ghost of the late Andy Sidaris looking down and giving his approval.  We can’t wait for chapter two!!

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