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Have Cheetah,Will View #234 – “Supercon” (2018)

It’s 2:24 am

So there you are looking at the new movies section and you see a movie called “Supercon”. The cast looks amazing….Ryan Kwanten,Maggie Grace,Mike Epps,Clancy Brown and even John Malkovich! The concept seems pretty good,a bunch of C and D level former stars get into a scrap with a bigger name star and get 86’d from “Supercon”.
With nothing to lose,they decide to rob it,comedy hi-jinks ensues….

Except for one (or 100) thing,Supercon is absolutely TERRIBLE. How bad is it? This could be the worst film we have watched this year and for a movie to be worse then the current film sitting at the bottom,you REALLY have to be bad.
Supercon is crude,profane and worse,its not funny when it needs to be. Director/co-“writer” Zak Knutson thinks that having his cast say “cocksucker” and motherfucker” is what a comedy film is supposed to be. But seeing how Knutson comes from the Kevin Smith school of lame directing,I wasn’t too surprised at how bad this movie is.

In someone’s hands who can actually write AND direct worth a shit,this could have been pretty good. The cast is pretty damn solid and seeing someone like Malkovich doing a rare indie film at this level,how does like Knutson completely destroy what basically is a t-ball level directing job..instead the cast gets to see how many times they can drop the “F-bomb”,make ethnic jokes,make cancer jokes (yeah,cancer is considered funny,one of the former stars played a kid with testicular cancer)…you get the picture.
The one bright spot is Maggie Grace as a cartoon artist who could be Ramona Flowers’s twin sister with her dead emotionless voice.

Comic conventions are a good target to poke some gentle fun at and maybe one day,a decent film will be made about them. But the only “Supercon” does is rip-off any poor sucker who bought this Godawful pile of cheetahpoo.  Skip this like the Ebola virus.

“Supercon” has a run time of 1 hour 40 minutes (but seems twice as long) and is rated “R”.
Special Features include two very bad director/crew commentaries. The cast wisely avoided doing commentary,maybe the smartest thing they did regarding “Supercon”.


Comments are welcome…..even on this turkey.


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