Have Cheetah,Will View #238 – “Eruption: LA” (2018)

Its 4:30 pm

Its been a long time coming but the cheetah and I finally got to watch Sean Cain’s latest blockbuster,”Eruption LA”!! Why are we so excited? Well because without Sean’s encouragement and help,I don’t know if I would have started this series of very different film reviews. The cheetah and I love watching a lot of under the radar films with an occasional big name film sneaking its way in here.
This will mark our third Sean Cain film we have reviewed,our very FIRST review was “Jurassic City” and then we reviewed the awesome “Terror Birds” for our 65th review.
Now Sean is back with a crazy nature run amok disaster film “Eruption LA” from MarVista Films. Let’s grab the Dr. Pepper and the popcorn and go for a ride!

The film opens with a pair of city workers getting killed by an unexpected flow of lava while inspecting a underground site in Los Angeles.
Josh is a screenwriter who is hired by a studio to save a big budget earthquake movie.
He is supposed to meet not only his scientific hero Professor Irwin to discuss the science of a earthquake but also the sexy star of the movie,Kat Rivers.

As the three of them are being flown over a faultline,a volcanic eruption takes place in Griffith Park,sending huge pieces of earth and magma all over downtown.
The Mayor’s office scrambles to find both the cause and a way to stop it from killing millions and destroying the city. The mayor’s science expert Dr. Robson tries to figure out what has happened but letting a personal vendetta against Prof. Irwin blind him to the fact Irwin has the answers.
Now Josh,Kat and Prof. have to find a way to convince Mayor Jones to give permission to the last ditch idea to save Los Angeles before its too late.

One thing I really have to congratulate Sean Cain about is his skill in casting his films.
He gets some of the best most underrated yet talented actors in his films. In “Jurassic City” he landed veterans Ray Wise,Vernon Wells and Monique Parent but also talented newcomers like Dana Melanie and Sofia Mattsson.
Same for “Terror Birds”…a solid genre favorite in Greg Evigan and a fresh crop of newcomers like Sarah Joy Byington and Evan Miller. The mixture of new talent balanced by the steady work of seasoned pros really help make the movies a lot more fun to watch.

Cain once again sticks to this same winning formula in “Eruption: LA”…casting veterans Eric Etebari,Amy Paffrath and one of my favorite character actors in former pro football player Matthew Willig. The two actors who played the leads,Matthew Atkinson as the screenwriter Josh  and the lovely Lexi Johnson as Kat Rivers,were very good and had great chemistry together. I would love to see another film with those two and Willig as Kat River’s bodyguard in another adventure.  This winning cast is what makes “Eruption: LA” such a fun film to watch….the script was tongue-in-cheek and Cain did a fine job directing his own story. The one small thing I didn’t like was the music,Mario Salvucci’s score was bland and generic and added nothing to the film.

“Eruption:LA” is unrated but its a PG level film and it has a run time of  87 minutes.
There are no special features (c’mon MarVista,quit being so damn cheap!!!) and that is a shame because this film deserves a director/cast commentary!!
As I write review,Sean’s next film,”Cerberus” is in post production and should hit screens in 2019. And as always,the cheetah and I will be reviewing that one as well!!

Paladin and I give “Eruption: LA” a thumbs/paw up!

Comments and feedback welcomed!

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