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Have Cheetah,Will View #239 – “Prince Killian and the Holy Grail” (2011)

It’s 9:13 am

A few months ago Dollar Tree had one of their huge movie sales. Where as they used to held once every 4 months,as of late that window has been closing to now they hold them every other month. For a film collector like myself,this is pretty news as we are starting to see a lot of films from different distributors like Shout! Factory that have never been carried by Dollar Tree in the past.
This open the doors for a lot of fun blind buys (well,you hope they are fun) like this film from Spain. “Prince Killian” is based on a popular Spanish comic book called “Captain Trueno”,I don’t know how Captain Trueno becomes Prince Killian,maybe it translate into English that way.

Prince Kilian and his two best friends,the huge Goliath and the small but quick Crispin are fighting for Richard the Lionhearted in the Crusades. His forces are capturing a castle and freeing Crusaders who were taken in past battles.

Killian finds a very old man and goes to rescue him except the man doesn’t want to go,he knows he is dying and wouldn’t last long,he has been in his cell for countless years.
He instead sees a mark on Killian’s neck and proceeds to give him a chalice and tells him to find a man in Spain called Morgano. He insists that Killian must go as he quickly tells him the story of chalice.

Prince Killian discounts the old man’s story and asks Crispin to make sure the old man is rescued and taken care of before going out to free more captive Crusaders. It is here where he not only encounters the Viking princess Sigrid (who promptly wins his sword) but also a Muslim prince who is defending his father’s castle. He too,also bests Killian but spares his life when he sees the same strange marking on Killian’s neck.
After the battle,Killian discovers that the old man has been murdered but that Crispin still has the chalice,he hadn’t the time to return it before the old prisoner had been killed.


Richard sends Killian and a small band of warriors back to Spain when reports come in that tell of lawlessness and terror among the citizens. Along the way,they encounter wizards and witches,an evil plan to take over the world and an unexpected ally from the most unlikely source. Of course Killian’s best friends Goliath and Crispin are among the group as is Sigrid who is being safely returned home. The band is small but hardy and they follow Killian bravely and loyally. There are is adventure and even a possible romance to be had as Prince Killian heads home to face the unknown….


We actually thought “Prince Killian” was quite charming,its definitely low budget but it put all of its budget on the screen. It helped tremendously that Spain still has several castles still standing which made the locations scenes all that more exciting. Director Antonio Hernandez did a wonderful job in keeping the pace fast and full of energy,mixing in plenty of humor and heroic action.


What I really liked is for most of the film is that Prince Killian is shown as a normal man,he loses three sword fights in which he could have lost his life,he isn’t a typical “Superman”,that was quite refreshing to see.
While the cast is unknown to me,they were very spirited and sold the story.  Sergio Peris-Menchela plays a roguish Prince Killian,Natasha Yarenko plays Princess Sigrid who could give Katheryn Winnick a run for her money if their Viking characters ever dueled.


All in all,except for the last 10 minutes which sort of crumble a bit,Prince Killian and the Holy Grail is a fine popcorn film….action,adventure,evil lords,fantasy and a fair sense of humor,this film has it all.
Prince Killian is unrated but I would recommend a PG-13 because of war violence.
There are no extra features and the run time is 1 hour 40 minutes.

The cheetah and I gave “Prince Killian” a thumbs/paw straight up.

What sword and sorcery films are among your favorite? Drop a comment below!


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