Have Cheetah,Will View #244 – “Molly” (2018)

Its 3:11 pm

Paladin and I are pretty jazzed up today! We got our first movie from Artsploitation Films yesterday. This marks our 4th partnership with a film studio in which we are able to review their films. We want to say “thank you” to Ray from Artsploitation for giving us a chance to review both their new releases but their library as well.
The first film that was sent to us is the Dutch post-apocalyptic thriller “Molly” which looks completely bonkers!


The film opens up with with a day at the beach,kids are running towards a frisbee in the sand when in the back ground a nuclear bomb is exploding.
The same beach and it is years later. A young woman who appears to be anywhere from 14-18 is running up the same sand dune where we saw the frisbee. The woman is being chased by a pair men who are trying to capture her. But the woman has no intention of being taken,while she is faster then her pursuers,she loaded with gear that she needs to survive.

The two men attack her but the woman fends them off by stabbing one to death,when the other looks to then kill her,she uses a force shield to repel him. The attacker knows that the legend of a “special girl” is true and he makes a break for it only to have the young woman,using priceless bullets,shoot him dead.
The young woman is Molly (Julia Bartelaan) and with her pet hawk,she is wandering the countryside just trying to live day by day.
Meanwhile offshore of the same beach,there is a series of old oil rigs that are the living spaces of a bunch of marauders whose leader Deacon (Joost Bolt) is a sadistic bastard. His idea of fun is to inject prisoners who a drug that turns them into “supplicants”,which renders them ultra violent. Deacon then has these supplicants fight to the death in a small room while taking bets (bullets are the currency,money has no use in this New World) and welcoming newcomers.

Meanwhile Molly is walking about looking for supplies,she comes across what looks to be a cache of food but it houses a nasty surprise that she defeats and takes with her.
Molly is quite inventive as she makes her own arrows in which she uses to hunt for her and her hawk.
When Molly is washing herself,she is attacked by a supplicant and has to fight for her life,she is badly wounded by her knife but manages to kill her attacker once more.
As she starts to stumble on,it looks really bad for her…..

Meanwhile Deacon learns about Molly and her supposed “gifts” and decides he wants he wants her for his “games”. He dispatches a team of five very rough looking members of his group to find her and bring her to Deacon.
Molly is fading fast from her wound and she is almost done when she sees a shack in a small dune. She goes to see if there is any supplies to find,including medical equipment as unlikely as that would be.  It is here that Molly meets Bailey (Emma de Paauw),an 7-8 year girl who is dressed in a dinosaur suit. At first Bailey is fearful but when Molly only asks for a needle and thread,Bailey lets her in. Molly stitches herself up and gets ready to leave as Bailey’s parents will be coming back soon…they don’t know the fate of the parents.

The next morning the two girls are attacked and Molly kills all but one in a prolonged and brutal fight with blades and arrows. It is near the end of the fight when one attacker seizes Bailey and Molly uses her power to kill him instantly.
The last attacker,seeing this,flees but Molly is too weak to properly aim her pistol and she misses with her last two bullets.
She grabs a fighting Bailey and starts to make a run for it….while the lone attacker has told Deacon that the legends are true,he has lost his entire team in establishing this.
He tells Deacon that Molly is badly hurt AND has a small child with her….Deacon decides to take Bailey and force Molly to come to him on his own territory…it seems like a foolproof plan…….he couldn’t be more wrong.


Wow,what a hell of a movie!! This was so damned good…..Written by Thijs Meuwese and co-directed with Corinda Bongers,”Molly” is amazing.
The settings are all extremely realistic looking,the landscape does looked ravaged by war but without the usual boring empty desert look we have been forced fed. While there is a lack of human life,the rest of the earth seems to be healing as several shots are in set in a forest and what appears to be an outskirts of a town. It’s a interesting take that despite the planet is healing,humans are still eager to wage war on a population that seems to be shrinking.

Batelaan is a revelation as the title character of Molly. She is super-powered but we never learn how or why. Its implied she is a mutant as she seems to have learned and accept these powers yet not completely sure of how to use them. She has telepathy and telekinetic powers which re-charge rather quickly. But she has weaknesses,she is very nearsighted and has to wear glasses,it was because of the glasses that one can see she wasn’t always alone in the wild.
The fight scenes are raw and have a real sense to them….but there was one thing that drove me crazy when watching Molly fight,she NEVER planted her feet!! She looks like a rag doll just flopping at the merest contact. While this makes PERFECT sense in the final act which is a 32 minute long single take(!!!),it was just frustrating to watch in the first hour. But that is my only complaint,otherwise,Batelaan was perfectly cast as Molly.
The last 32 minutes is complete mayhem and Brian DePalma himself would be taking notes on how Bongers and Mauwese filmed in such tight spaces.  I don’t want to say anymore but trust me on this,this is one of the best fight scenes I have seen recently.
Supporting cast is solid as Bolt providing the most fun moments as the ringmaster of a very weird and twisted circus and de Paauw showing remarkable maturity as Bailey.
Perhaps the best part of “Molly”…..that there is a sequel coming!!!

“Molly” has a run time of 91 minutes and should be considered a “R” rating.
There is a 30 minute “Making Of…” featurette that is quite excellent and a trailer for the film.  We encourage you to rush out and get a copy of “Molly” which you can do by going to Artsploitation Film’s website.
The cheetah and I both give “Molly” two thumbs up/4 paws and a tail straight up.
One of the best films of 2018 to be sure of…..

Comments are welcomed below.

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