Have Cheetah,Will View #250 – “Shooting Blanks” (2003)

It’s 8:00 pm

Whew….the cheetah and I have arrived at our 250th review entry,it just seemed like yesterday that we doing our 200th,a review of the fun creature feature “The Jurassic Games“.  Yet here we are and we’re watching “Shooting Blanks”,a short film directed by our favorite director Liam Gavin. (Okay,Sean Cain is still our fav. American director!!).
We have reviewed Liam’s feature length debut “A Dark Song” and an beautiful short film called “Jericho“. While the cheetah was pushing for us to review a documentary,I suggested we check out the dark comedy “Shooting Blanks.”
The story shows how a alcoholic Cupid has managed through his drunkenness,to completely screwing up a potential love match. Now because of his mistake,Martin and Amy’s lives are going all to hell unless Cupid can somehow get sober enough to redeem himself.
What really caught my fancy was how much Cupid (Mark Holloway) looks and comes across like John Constantine,I don’t think this was intentional but it sure adds a nice touch to this delightful 11 minutes slice of fun.

This is a fine preview of what Liam Gavin is capable of both as a writer and director. It’s clear he is very comfortable writing in the supernatural and fantasy genres and that isn’t easy to do in terms of creating original stories. But just as in both “Jericho” and “A Dark Song”,Gavin makes the difficult appear effortless.
The film is shot in neutral,muted colors by Riki Butland which is a smart call because in short films,the STORY must come first. Without a lot of color to distract the viewer,Gavin is forcing us to paying attention to his three main players as we should be.
The other outstanding element of “Shooting Blanks” is composer David A. Hughes score.
It’s a very playful ode to action films from the late 60s-early 70s and it fits perfectly in today’s world. I’m sure Cupid,despite being immortal,does have a favorite style of music and in looking at his rumpled detective look,the score fits his personalty.

“Shooting Blanks” is a nasty little slice of fun and at 11 minutes,moves along very quickly.  The cheetah and I enjoyed this very much and as with Liam’s other two films,give this film 4 paws/two thumbs up!

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