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31 Nightmares 2018: The 16th

It’s 9:40 pm

Regarding “Candyman”

Now as crazy as this may seem,I have yet to see this horror classic.
I totally know that I risk having my fanboy card suspended because of this confession.
I wish I had an excuse but I don’t….while I have been looking for a used copy in good condition,I have yet to find one.  But I will keep looking and hopefully by next October I will hopefully be able to say:


I posted in my comment that I have heard Tony Todd has been quite ill as of late,I hope he can recover and get back to enriching every film he has appeared it. He is an amazing actor.



Today this modern classic of the horror genre turns 26 years old.

This was a favorite of myself and my cousin when we’d go through our tradition of horror movie marathons. (Which was pretty much every time we got together.) It’s still as eerie and wonderful now as it always was.

A few years back, when we spoke of getting together again, (both of us now much older) just what movie do you think was at the top of our list? Oh yes. & I plan on enjoying it again shortly.

One thing that always stuck with me? The story is first told to the main characters by a janitor in a lovable, sort of gossipy way—-a lot…

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