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Have Cheetah,Will View #254 – “10×10” (2018)

Its 6:00 pm

Revenge.  Payback. Karma. Poetic Justice. There are many terms applied to actions by someone who feels they have been wronged in some way. And this is the crux of Noel Clarke’s very interesting morality tale. The cheetah and I are still hashing this one about 5 days after watching it.

The film opens up in a small diner in a city in the northwest.  Lewis (Luke Evans) is drinking coffee while watching a flower shop from across the street. His mood is pensive and he seems edgy. When a pretty redhead comes to shop,Lewis attention is drawn to her,its evident that she is who he has been waiting for.
The redhead exits the shop and heads to the diner,the waiter greets her by the name Cathy,she is a regular diner there. She sits and orders a simple lunch while Lewis sneaks glances at her over his coffee cup. After a few minutes,he leaves.

The business day over,Cathy (Kelly Reilly) proceeds to shut up her shop and starts to drive to her next destination,not noticing Lewis is now following her.
Cathy does a hour a yoga and even in there,she seems a bit distracted,the instructor has to let her know the class is over,she heads to her car where Lewis sudden jumps her in broad daylight. He knocks her down,bounds her feet and hands while putting tape over her mouth. He loads her into his trunk and takes off coolly and calmly.
He drives a long way and pulls into a secluded home where Lewis then grabs Cathy and takes into a 10 x 10 padded cell and leaves her in the dark.

He then watches the news where he seems very interested in a “Angel of Mercy” case. He proceeds to start making two dinners and afterwards goes to see Cathy.
Lewis then tells her that the room is soundproofed and is encased in 4 foot think concrete walls. He then tells her that if she doesn’t scream,he’ll remove the tape. She of course starts screaming and he leaves her there,still bound and tied.

But by the time he returns to Cathy,she has managed to get her hands in FRONT  of her and when Lewis opens the door,she wails on him despite knowing he has a gun.  The two engage in a bloody tussle that ends up with Cathy back in her cell and Lewis bleeding from several cuts. Lewis suddenly goes from an assured captor to a off balanced while Cathy has clearly shown she is no one’s victim.  So what has led to this stand off and how did it start? The story starts to unfold slowly and surely but all isn’t what it seems.

Did the cheetah and I enjoy this cat and mouse suspense drama? Yes and no.
While we enjoyed the acting of Evans (The Hobbit) and Reilly (A Single Shot),the story is full of twists and turns. Clarke pushes one too many subplots into the mix and turns a slow burn into a messy stew that not even director Suzi Ewing nor Evans and Reilly can salvage though they give it a good try.
I will say that I did enjoy the slow role reversals,while Lewis SEEMED in charge in holding his hostage,its clear that he is way over his head despite his best intentions of getting the answers he wants while Reilly’s Cathy is seen as having to fight for everything in her life and is desperate to keep it and will do anything to protect it.
The two actors have great chemistry and Evans is especially good at showing his vulnerability as his carefully laid out plans are slowly pulled apart.

Since this movie is laid out more as a play then a film,the locations of within the single house is very effective and makes use of its small budget rather smartly.
Noel Clarke is also a actor and this is our first experience of his work….but he definitely is a good writer and I’m sure he’ll only get better. We’re looking forward to seeing his acting as we have “Heartless” and “I Kill Giants” in our que of films to watch.

“10×10” is unrated but should be considered an “R” and it has a run time of 88 minutes.
It also has no special features.

While a bit uneven,”10×10″ is still a film that should be watched and watched with friends because you’ll want to talk about it after it ends. The cheetah and I gave it a thumbs/paws straight up.

As always,comments are always welcome.

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