Ode to Three Buck Chucks

Its 11:49 pm

Looking out over a sunny day,our first one in four days. The cheetah is recovering from a catnip hangover after celebrating National Cat Day yesterday,he is resting downstairs.
I had to run a errand yesterday and since it was a small jaunt ,I went as I have done the past 4 years,and put on my brown boat shoes.
I got to where my errand was and when I got out and starting walking across the parking lot,I felt a prickly pain in my foot,I lifted up my foot to see what I had stepped on and that is when I saw it,a small hole in the bottom of my shoe.
Around 4 years ago I was working overnights at the Home Depot,my buddy Romey and I were working freight and sometimes after work we would head across the street to Wal Mart to pick up a few items for the week. As it turned out,he needed to do some shoe shopping and so that was where we headed first.
It was late summer and the store had a clearance sale going on and it was an pretty good one,flip-flops for 2.00 and regular shoes for as little as 3.00. Now I love a deal as well as anyone and so I took a look at the shoes on sale for 3.00 to see if they had my size.
That is I spotted a pair of Dr. Scholl’s boat shoes,they were a dark brown and they weren’t the flashiest looking either. But they were my size and they were 3.00.
It was then I made the first of many mistakes of the same nature,I only bought the one pair when I could have gotten three. I think they were on clearance because quite frankly,they were pretty ugly looking and they just didn’t sell.
But I only bought the one pair of “Three Buck Chucks” that night.

But a funny thing happened,those shoes turned out to be simply amazing as I wore them everywhere outside of work. During the time I have had my “boaters” I have bought and wore out three pair of 65.00 New Balance shoes. When maybe my New Balance had to handle a lot more work activity,my Dr. Scholl’s worked hard as well,being in rain,snow,walks and cutting my grass.  Plus all my errands as well…..
Romey called them my “Iron Sheik” shoes because the tips started raising up but yet when I had to go somewhere in a hurry or get mail,slip on the Three Buck Chucks and away I go.
It was at the two year mark that I started realizing that I had made a big mistake in not grabbing the other two pairs,both the same pair I had bought. I started looking at the clearance rack for a second chance but as today,I have never seen anything close to that sale. Of course I go to Wal Mart maybe 2-4 times a year now so there is that….
But this wasn’t the last time I made this mistake…..Dollar Tree once got a shipment of Whiskas cat food,4 pound bags for only a buck,I grabbed three thinking that they would get more. But that night as I sat at home,it started to dawn on me that maybe I should have grabbed a couple or 10 more as I had never seen DT carry Whiskas before.
So the next day I slid on my,well you can guess by now,and went back to DT and to a empty shelf. Every single of the 36 bags were gone.  I drove to another DT and got the last bag. I knew I had missed out and to this day,the Dollar Tree has never carried those bags again.
As the years went one,the wear and tear on the Three Buck Chucks begin to show,small tears in the side of the left footed shoe slowly popped up yet they continued to hold together. One of those old NB shoes just couldn’t take everyday use at work anymore and I started using them as my “home shoes”,the Three Buck Chucks got relegated to mail duty and Dairy Queen runs.
Romey would crack up when he saw me wearing them STILL but even he had to admit that those “Sheik” shoes were made pretty damn well. He said I should write Dr. Scholl’s and tell them…..
Life went on and finally came the day this week I am telling you about,the shoe on the right foot developed a small hole,I have worn the sole down to paper thin.
They have given me great service,that is for sure. I think if I just wear them to the library,they may yet see one more spring……

Ever have one favorite piece of clothing that has held up remarkably well? Drop us a comment and share your story.

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