Have Cheetah,Will View #256 – “50 Scariest Anti-Drug PSAs” (2018)

It’s 8:08 am

One day after the scariest day of the year and after the cheetah and I reviewed a great horror film from South Korea,one would think we take a page from the Hallmark Channel and slide into something fun and frothy,right?
But that isn’t how Paladin and I roll,we’ll look at anything,anywhere and from most anybody. So when we noticed that a You Tuber we follow,Hello,I’m A Pizza,was dropping a new Top 50 anti-drug PSA list,we were going to get a front row seat and get the spots scared off us.
As I pointed out in a earlier entry about PSA (Public Service Announcements),I love ’em,especially the hard hitting ones to try to raise awareness about a social issue and what bigger issue do we have then opioid addiction? Tens of thousands of Americans are getting hooked on these powerful drugs through medical doctors who pass them out like candy,once hooked and unable to get anymore through legal or medical means,these people are turning to street level drugs like meth and heroin at an incredibly higher rate then ever before.
Combine this with states now legalizing pot of which the different strains of pot are 10-50 times more powerful then the dime bag you used off your corner dealer and what you’re looking at is a perfect storm of renewed addiction and death.
All the years that anti-drug advocates put into in trying to lower teen drug abuse is pretty much all for naught thanks to unethical medical professionals who are chasing the almighty dollar. But they themselves aren’t immune,in my part of the world,we have seen several arrests of doctors and nurses who have become addicted to they same poison they were doling out.
Pizza’s video combines the 50 most powerful anti-drug PSAs (okay,number #49 isn’t scary) from all around the world and lists them in the order of effectiveness. Personally,they ALL ring true and bear a watch or two….especially if you have children.

My thanks to Pizza for creating these lists,even though these films range from 30 seconds to 5 minutes,they pack a bigger punch then 99.9 % of any blockbuster movie.

As always,comments are welcome…..ESPECIALLY on a subject like drug addiction.

3 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #256 – “50 Scariest Anti-Drug PSAs” (2018)

  1. This opioid epidemic is horrifying. I was suspicious of the “pain clinics” a long time ago. So many of them looked like exactly what they were, drug dens. I think a lot of doctors were duped and trained into over prescribing. The pain scale, you know, “What’s your pain level from 1 to 10 was rife for abuse. I recognized this too years ago. Just common sense, but a lot of physicians were trying to help people cope with chronic pain. The pendulum swung from not enough medication to too much medication. The drug companies where pushing this stuff for drug cartel like profit.

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