Have Cheetah,Will View #263 – “Video World-The Death of a Video Store” (2014)

Its 6:14 pm

As I mentioned in my review of “Oh Lucy!”,my local Family Video store is closing. The process started at the beginning at November and its going through to the end of the month.
Its been a real bittersweet ride as the store helped me keep me sane the past 5 years.
I have gotten to know some of the staff and have really grown to care about them,they have treated myself very generously and with much kindness.
When I came across “Video World- The Death of a Video Store” while surfing You Tube,it struck a chord with me and so I decided to watch this 15 minute documentary by film maker Ben Churchill.
Video World was a small video that managed to stay in business for 23 years in Woodbury,Connecticut. Churchill used to work the store and when he heard it was closing,he asked if he could film the last 45 days that the store would be open.

Despite the sad subject matter,I thought this was a great little documentary,Churchill captures what the old mom and pops videos used to offer,friendly people,a chance to discover both latest blockbuster but also take a leap of faith on that indie film you read about but your small town theater didn’t play.
The kids (and parents) being somewhat overwhelmed by all the choices and then more often then not,picking something that they had already watched 20 times. (Yes Phil,I’m looking at you and that damn “American Ninja” movie).
I really was touched by how affected the customers were,the older ones who really relished going to the video store and maybe running across some friends or hosting a movie night themselves.
I made four trips to the store that is closing by me and I heard the same reactions,people upset that the store is closing and wondering if that meant the stores were as well. Its hard to say as this is now the third Family Video store to close in SE Michigan in the past three months. A chain that once boasted have over 700 stores is down to 690 and its more likely it will keep going down which is a shame because there a lot of film buffs out here.
This documentary is on 15 minutes long and its worth a look,if you don’t like being conditioned to what you are watching and rather discover new and exciting stories,unplug yourself from the streaming services and go support your local video store.

10 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #263 – “Video World-The Death of a Video Store” (2014)

  1. That must be hard on the staff as well. It’s sad to see a store close after many years of service.
    I’m sure you have been a blessing to them as one of their favorite frequent customers who as taken the time to get to know them.

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    1. The staff has indeed been awesome and have gone way beyond the typical customer service. I am so grateful for their help and I do hope they be “returned” to Westland rather soon.


  2. I know the feeling too well. I contributed to the demise of a well loved VHS/BETA Movie store by me when DVDs started to take hold. As they closed I held a popular movie they were almost giving away for $10.00. (My first purchased VSH cost $100.00) I put it back because I wanted in on DVD. When I realized what I did, I felt awful. Now the same is happening to the DVD chains. Its a sign of the times.

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    1. The funny thing is that psychical media actually outsold digital media last year,people do enjoy shopping for music and films,you just have to give them a nice selection.
      About 70% of the films I have reviewed on here have come from either Dollar Tree,the library and Family Video. I personally enjoy going out and looking for deals….

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  3. I remember the video store experience very fondly. It was an event in our household, something that we looked forward to. I hope that some of the stores that are left can manage to hold on. I suspect that at some point, relatively soon, going to the video store will be nostalgic cool. The hipsters will latch on to the experience and it will become like going to the record store. Fingers crossed.

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    1. I so hope you are right Pam,I really enjoy going to mine,I still have one close to me plus my library,I found so many films I would have never watched through these places…..
      And my Hallmark Channel movie? Its outstanding,it is seriously good…..

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      1. Yeah, I found some great National Geographic documentaries at the library and some really good obscure titles too.
        Okay…I’ll bite…What’s the name of the Hallmark movie? Is there any chance that I would like it? Love stories are my least favorite genre.

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        1. It’s called “The Christmas Train” based on David Balduci novel,its a lot more then a typical Hallmark movie and the cast is top shelf,I’ll be reviewing it as well. I know a lot of these films can be generic but once in a while,they will surprise you…

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          1. Oh yeah…I watched them with my mom from time to time. I told you I really like The Magic of Ordinary Days… She liked Lifetime movies too. So do my daughters…I refuse to watch those with them, but I would even watch the Lifetime stuff with my mom. I really loved her.

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