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Its 9:51 am

Waiting to go shopping,I was surfer on WP when I ran across a entry by Ragazza Triste who seems very much into promoting other bloggers. She has hosted a monthly “tea party” where writers are encouraged to “mingle”,leave a comment and hopefully follow a few people back.
The cheetah and I have been to two tea parties and re-blogged them here on our blog as well.  Well now Ragazza has come up with a more personal way to highlight her favorite bloggers and I found it was the same format I used in drawing attention to my favorite YouTube channels.  When I read her entry about some of the bloggers she likes,I thought it made perfect sense to do one for some of our favorite writers as well.
While I have a lot people whom I read,like and comment on…I admit,its a little frustrating not to see the same courtesy returned. So I’m going to show my love to folks who aren’t afraid to drop a comment or two.  Is that selfish? Damn skippy it is but that is how the cheetah and I roll…..

1. All Things Thriller -Pam is the wonderfully talented writer of this blog that not only examines fine noir films and thrillers but she also writes about real life cases that would make great films in their own right.  Her entries about Jerry Lee Lewis and Jimmy Swaggart are simply some of the best writing I have on a blog. Pam just finished a wonderful three part entry on the classic one hit wonder “Double Dutch Bus” that you be should be reading today.  You can find her blog here: All Things Thriller

2. Assholes Watching Movies – Sean and Jay are a husband and wife movie critic duo who live in the Great White North. Not only do Sean and Jay watch films and write great reviews,this couple also will travel to different film festivals to see what is coming down the road. I have gotten a lot of heads up on movies that I will then keep a eye out for as well.
Despite the heavy writing load,both Sean and Jay engage every reader who comes by and wants to talk about a movie they have watched and also make the time to drop by and say hello. It has garnered them a very loyal following and they certainly have earned it.  You can find Sean and Jay here: Assholes Watching Movies

3. The Telltale Mind – Now I have to admit,while I know The Telltale Mind is a collective,I don’t know any one particular writer more then another. I know they cover a variety of topics,pulp novels,music,films and of course comic books. These are the folks who are publishing reviews of classic Marvel and DC titles like “Warlord” and the series I have been re-blogging here,”Marvel Two-In-One”.
The sheer amount of high quality writing on daily basis is most impressive and yet they still find time to help promote other bloggers. I have seen many of my older film reviews suddenly get a Twitter push courtesy of the group. It is a goal to at least find out one of the writer’s names before the year is out. You can find The Telltale Mind here.

4. CinematicCoffee – I found John Charet’s blog through the comment section on All Things Thriller and I am so glad I did. John is a hell of a writer as well as a very deep film lover. I mean the man loves and knows his films. He likes them all,no matter where they come from. He can write a great essay on legendary directors both American or any of the international masters and let the reader relate in a way as to inspire that same reader to look up a film/director that John has wrote about.
He often will have a guest pop up on his blog as the two will have a running dialogue about a particular film or genre and will examine it in great detail. I have found myself reading John’s archives and dropping comments on entries that are years old but are still fresh and exciting to read today. If you are a serious film buff,John is the man you need to be reading. You can find John’s blog here: CinematicCoffee.

5. Fictionista – I had to include Darnell Cureton in my shout-out because he really made blog seem to some weight. I had just posted my review of “Molly” and while I knew I would get visitors,I didn’t expect to much feedback. I know my reviews don’t cater to the general public,I cover and watch just about anything and I then review what the cheetah and I watch.
So you can imagine my surprise when I not only got a nice comment from Darnell but he also wrote he was buying “Molly” based on my review. This was a first for me,no had ever said that in a comment. To have someone trust my opinion enough to buy a film I wrote about? I mean,I do that based on what reviews I see on other blogs but my own?
I truly felt like a real writer that day.
Darnell is fine writer himself,he blogs and also writes micro fiction which I do believe in today’s writing world are short stories but with a certain word limit. That has to take a lot of skill and dedication and Darnell has both. You can check out Darnell’s fine work by going here: Fictionista.

It is my hope that you’ll take a few minutes to cruise over to these fine blogs and follow them and then visit often and comment lots!! Tell ’em your a friend of the cheetah,that will open a lot of doors…..I don’t know where but that doors will open!!

I like to thank Ragazza Triste for her concept.

12 thoughts on “Blogger Shout Outs

  1. Wow! This shout-out is awesome and totally unexpected. I thank you so much. I follow over a hundred blogs so I can’t comment on everyone’s work so when I do comment, it’s genuine. That comes from the heart. I thank you again!
    (guess i’m in the inner circle)

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  2. The great north is getting whiter by the minute!
    I’ve been dreaming about napping since about 10 minutes after I got up – so nice and warm and snuggly in bed on a day like this. Maybe I’ll just light a fire and call it a day.

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    1. Lori and I called those kind of days “Tomato Soup Day” and we would just that,make soup/grilled cheese and coffee and then watch the Food Network or HGTV all afternoon…..


  3. Yeah, good idea! I just tweeted this entry out, too, so maybe everyone’ll get a few more joiners.

    I started blogging in 2016 and basically was talking to myself and three other people for years. Recently, almost inexplicably, I have acquired a lot more followers!

    Blogging and reading and commenting is addictive. Now that I have so many more (not like Darnell, but more for me personally), it really DOES take time. I find that I’m blabbing away in the blogger realm when I should be writing. Like right now. 🙂

    But I enjoy the interactions.
    Thanks, I.C.!

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  4. Awww. This is so sweet, pretty much what I hoped other bloggers would do. I am totally wishing and praying that this could be the start of a movement, where other bloggers could share links and promote up and coming writers. I love it. Thank you so much. ❤️

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