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Have Cheetah,Will View #265 – “Greg’s Guardian Angel” (2013)

It’s 6:07 pm

Looked in my email box and saw that our king of the short film,Timothy J. Cox,had left a massive early Christmas present in the form of 12 short films.
So we decided to kick off the fun with “Greg’s Guardian’s Angel” with has a man dealing with a earnest but rather stupid guardian angel.

What really threw us in this quick 10:20 second film was looking for our main man Timothy,he plays Mr. Schmaven,a big shot at Spatgo who offer Greg a huge job performance. I actually had to hit the replay button because I didn’t recognize Timothy!
The film itself is perfect at 10 minutes because Elmer J. Santo’s guardian angel schtick wears REALLY fast.  Greg Vorob does a nice job as Greg,he has a nice comedic touch and I like to see more of his work.

The film was directed by Dan Kowalski and written by Dave Conrad. The story is fine and I like short films for new directors because they learn as much as any new actors do.
In this case,I think a slightly firmer hand on Santo’s angel would have produced more laughs but instead becomes quickly annoying and was a turn off.


The cheetah left after 2 minutes in….

We liked the premise,just not Santo’s performance.

4 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #265 – “Greg’s Guardian Angel” (2013)

  1. Apparently, the cheetah knows what’s what and when to leave!
    Nothing more annoying than being annoyed during something that’s meant to be funny.

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