Have Cheetah,Will View #277 – “The Crucifixion” (2017)

Its 12:0 cold/damp Inspiration is a wonderful thing to have as a movie buff. Word-of-mouth,media buzz,blind buys,tips from smart video store people (hi Ashley!). But for “The Crucifixion”,it came via a picture on InstaGram. A fellow critic had gotten a copy from Lionsgate and posted the cover. Now I had seen the movie at Family […]

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2019 – Year of Socks!!

Its 2:06 pm warmish I got woken up by Paladin this morning. Thinking he wanted treats at this early hour,I got up and headed down stairs. Except he didn’t follow me down. When I turned to see what was the hold up,he had dragged a calendar,a sock and a wash cloth to the top of […]

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Merry Christmas

Its 10:55 am grey/overcast Merry Christmas from the Paladin the cheetah and myself. I have promised him he’ll be getting a real Christmas in 2019. I know many of you have wondered where “Sockvember” went this year…well on Wednesday,Paladin and I will be sharing our new plan for Sockvember and it comes with new wrinkle […]

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A Tail of a cat and a cheetah.

It’s 1:01 am dark My brother Phillip called me this evening and as we were talking about baseball and his upcoming trip to India next year,Paladin came flying in from the dining room. He dashes up to the patio door and begins pawing at it. I know he has spotted a domestic cat outside,his fur […]

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Christmas Story

I wrote this on 14 Dec 2009.     Its 2:31 pm DJ and I sitting here beaming warm positive thoughts towards SoCal at the moment for our fellow cat crusader and friend Kylie. My last note I spoke of the gift my wife and I dropped off at our church. Well yesterday found us […]

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