Have Cheetah,Will View -20 Best Films of 2018

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The cheetah and I decided we had better get our “Best Of….” list out before 2019 landed on us with all four paws. Now we have to let you how our “best of” works. We don’t go to the theater but maybe 3-4 times a year and we don’t get screen copies from the studios hyping the current BIG RELEASE. Our criteria is the best movies regardless of the year released. This year the cheetah and I watched 259 films which is down from 296 watched in 2017. This will explain why you are seeing movies from decades ago on this list,we really are listing our favorites!
This year features a lot of foreign films as the cheetah and I expanded our world wide cinema choices

1. A Dark Song – No surprise here,this is an amazing movie and I absolutely think you should watch it. It’s a masterpiece in both horror and hope.  We can’t for Liam Gavin’s next film.

2. Molly – This is our second favorite film,this was both so creative and complete fun.
Colinda Bongers and Thijs Meuwese along with star Julia Batelaan have crafted a wonderful adventure of a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

3. Black Panther – For once,I’m tucked in my comic book snobbery and left the theater saying “Wakanda Forever”. But Marvel,you have to STOP killing the villains in every damn film.

4. Batman: Gotham By Gaslight – My favorite DC stand alone film has Batman facing is his most unlikely foe at the turn of the century. Pure magic.

5. Half Magic – Heather Graham is a fearless and bold actress,while many of her films wobble and are uneven,”Half Magic” is a sheer delight with both laughs and heart.

6. Oh Lucy! – Despite being terribly marketed as a “comedy” of which it is not,Oh Lucy!
is a hard look at the emotionally closed in that is Japanese culture and the results it can cause. Loved this movie.

7. The Monster – Ella Ballentine grows up in a hurry when she faces not only a fearsome creature after a car crash but also a alcoholic mother who may be even worse then the monster they’re facing.

8. The Devil’s Doorway – Aislinn Clarke’s superb feature film debut which shows that maybe that even the devil himself isn’t the scariest thing facing two priests.  This one will have you talking afterwards.

9. Cargo (2013) – We reviewed the short film and quite honestly,it was far effective then the full length feature film. This is a case of “Leave well enough alone”. The film packs a true punch.
10. Anne of Green Gables: Fire and Dew – The concluding tale of Anne Shirley as brought to life by the amazing Ella Ballentine. This trilogy is one of the finest ever made and beautifully acted and filmed. Martin Sheen and Sara Botsford were lovely in this as well.

11. Colossal – A terribly underrated movie that got noticed more for its legal problems
then on how great it was. Anne Hathaway sparkles as a woman who finds out she is rather different but it’s Jason Sudeikis who steals the film.

12. Love at First Glance – One of two Hallmark Channel films that just were far and above the best movies they have produced. This is a lovely showcase for Amy Smart and she runs with it,Adrian Grenier is also quite charming as well. Loved this.

13. Mission Impossible: Fallout – Tom Cruise’s latest Mission Impossible movie is a
edge of your seat thriller. This is a complete film,not only the crazy stunts Cruise is known for but also a solid,engaging story to tell as well.  It was also great to see Alec Baldwin in a serious role again….

14. Avengers: Infinity War – Would have higher on this list if the Russo Brothers had included Stingray.  Still,for what it was,it was entertaining.

15. Tunnel – Well Go USA has been become one of the companies in which when I see a film release from them,I pick it up. Tunnel is a story about a man trapped in a cave-in while driving in South Korea. It takes a hard look at how a crisis like this reflects on how the government would respond,in other words,hope like hell it doesn’t happen to you.

16. Super Fly (1972) – One of the most fun films we got to watch this year. While it was remade this year,it can’t hold a spoon to the original especially with Curtis Mayfield as your soundtrack!! FREEEEEEEEZZZZEEE!

17. The Story of 90 Coins – Okay,you know what I wrote about “Cargo”? Scratch that because Michael Wong’s beautiful love story deserves a full length movie. This one had me in tears and the cheetah with wet fur…..
18.Mayhem – Why of course you damn well know a film by Joe Lynch in on my list!!
One of the coolest guys to talk to,Lynch is also a storyteller that believes in FUN.
What amazes me is his casting choices,he gets the most unlikely actors to star in his madcap movies.  Oh,for his next movie,he has a character named “Cheetah”. It’s already on my Best of 2019 list….

19. Crooked House – Agatha Christie seems to be coming back in the public’s eye with the
big budget “Murder on the Orient Express” doing well at the box office. But this little gem of a film finds a stellar cast led by Max Irons and a excellent Glenn Close,looking for a killer and having a whole house worth of suspects to choose from. Great fun and that ending……

20. Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum – I often write about blind buys when I’m movie hunting and “Gonjiam” was such a pick-up. I knew zero about it,only that one person said it was “good”. Well,they were being understated,”Gonjiam” is a hell of a spooky ride with all sorts of twists and turns. Its poke at the public’s short attention span when its not being entertained is worth noting as well.  Completely enjoyed this South Korean horror movie.

These are our 20 favorite films,feel free to share your list with us as well. And yes,we did watch some clunkers as well of which we’ll also be looking at as well.

16 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View -20 Best Films of 2018

  1. Nice movie picks. Going to watch Gonjiam on the weekend. Will need to be attentive with no distractions. Subtitled movies are enjoyable if you are focused on the movie. ( put the phone down ) Thanks for the list.

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      1. Gonjiam was unavailable on NetFlix so I watched A Dark Story. This film was so different from anything Ive seen before. It was very dark. Starting with the Occult, it moved on to Magic. The protagonist Sophia looking for revenge, ended up asking for forgiveness. Insert scary stuff in the middle and a glowing Guardian at the end. Sophia went on a journey, but so did I. – Not a bad movie, but very different.

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        1. I love this movie so much. It is different…superb story,characters and yes,a most unexpected ending. I have watched it about 10 times and always spot something new I missed before. Glad took you a chance and watched “Song”.


              1. Rented Gonjiam on Amazon. The usual jump scares and an unhappy ending for a group of YA’s breaking in a haunted house with high tech. The home theater had me jumping with each Blair Witch style facials. Only Con to the movie was the subtitles. The font was too small and they used yellow color, which was hard to see in some scenes. Overall, I liked it.

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  2. Nice list A Dark Song made my list when I saw it and Molly will probably make mine this year.

    I don’t go to the theater much either, we just have 2 screen theater here and it doesn’t get much I want to see. I do get screeners, but it’s usually for small indie films which is fine with me.

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    1. Molly is simply amazing,isn’t it? The prequel,”Kill Mode” will be released in 2019 and we can’t wait for that! A Dark Song is just perfection for me as I can relate to this movie on a personal level.
      I get a few copies to review as well but I also enjoy hunting for my films that we review as well.


    1. I have to say that my Top 20 this year is quite strong,this was a great year for the cheetah and myself.
      Getting to chat with some of the directors as well has been an extra cool bonus. There is a lot of talented folks making great under the radar cinema!

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