A Tail of a cat and a cheetah.

It’s 1:01 am

My brother Phillip called me this evening and as we were talking about baseball and his upcoming trip to India next year,Paladin came flying in from the dining room.
He dashes up to the patio door and begins pawing at it. I know he has spotted a domestic cat outside,his fur is fluffed and he looks twice as big as he normally does.
I turn on the porch light and sure enough,there is a small black cat crouched down looking inside. Normally when this happens and a cat spots me,they always run away.
But not this kitty,it stays crouched down and is in a passive position,no meowing or growling,it just sits there while Paladin continues to pat at the patio door.
In fact,he is the only growling one and he is pacing back and forth. Now I could understand his reaction if the other cat was also aggressive but he is just sitting there looking inside. Its too dark to see if this kitty has a collar and if so,a home. While it has been cold here,we still have had but two days with any snow this winter. This cat has caught a break there but I can see its a short-haired cat and that means he is mostly cold.
While it is a hoot to watch Paladin go crazy when he sees a cat,it normally happens in the warm summer months when its warm and the weather isn’t a real issue.
But tonight was different and I felt really bad for this cat sitting on my porch. I told Paladin to “relax” and pushed him from the patio door with my hand,he had done his job at defending the house. He wouldn’t go so I had to put him in the bathroom as I decided to put out a bowl of cat food for our visitor.
But because our patio door’s screen door is broken,I couldn’t and I knew going around the front would be futile. The cat would run when he saw me so I just left the patio door cracked and chatted with my brother while the black cat cleaned itself and sat curled up for about 5 minutes before moving on.
I let Paladin out and while he ran back to patio door,he saw there was no cat there and then proceeded to jump on me and went to sleep while I finished my chat.
My brother and I talked cats for 15 minutes before he had to go. I really hope that kitty has a home and I hope he is back inside where he should be.
Someone commented on how some people will house a animal during winter while letting a homeless human being sleep outside. In many cases,the human being will choose to stay outside,I have never met a dog or cat yet who has ever been given that choice.
That is all I got……as Paladin is sleeping on my bed.



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