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Have Cheetah,Will View #276 – “Teen Titans GO!” Season One (2013)

Its 6:51 am

Its been quite a while since the cheetah and I have done a animated review but the wait has been worth it as we get a chance to review the best superhero show ever,”Teen Titans GO!”.

Thanks to our globe trotting man from U.N.C.L.E.,the mysterious “M”,Warner Brothers Archives sent us this action packed 52 episodes BluRay release to look at. Waffles!!!

How do you explain Teen Titans GO? It basically is “What if the Three Stooges added a couple of girls and were superheroes”? The show is played strictly for laughs and while your kids may be laughing their asses off,so will many adults.
The Teen Titans are one of DC Comics most loved superhero groups. In fact they created a live action show as the centerpiece to their new streaming channel. Where that series is all heavy and gloomy,Teen Titans GO! are 10 minutes episodes where the goal is to see how many times you can laugh at silly antics,superhero tropes and food. Yes,I said food.
The Titans consist of Robin,Cyborg,Beast Boy,Starfire and Raven. As a serious team,this would be a compelling show any serious (and snobby) comic book lover would watch on a weekly basis.
The show debuted in April of 2013 on Cartoon Network and was a instant with various jokes and pokes at the DC comic universe. The show was developed by Adam Horvath and Michael Jelenic. Jelenic was the man behind the excellent series “The Brave and the Bold” which ran for three years,also on the Cartoon Network.
Teen Titans GO! followed in the steps of the more traditional,more serious Teen Titans show which ran for 65 episodes before being cancelled.

The key to making Teen Titans GO! such a big hit was the same voice cast who had done the more serious show,came over over and did their same characters but with a lot more humor and hijinks.
While Robin is still the “lone alpha leader”,the team is really based around the silliness that Beast Boy and Cyborg think up. Be becoming “Pie Bros”,debating which is better in “Burgers vs. Burritos” or driving a arch enemy crazy by saying nothing but “waffles” no matter what the bad guy says or does to them,the biggest laughs always come from those two.

The voices are all familiar to both fans of various DCAU shows or any number of shows they have appeared on throughout the years.
Tara Strong voices Raven who is so dour,she makes Wednesday Addams seem like a cheerleader on speed. Its a nice change of pace for Strong because she generally gets cast in all the bright bubbly roles. She sends our heroes out on their first mission in “Legendary Sandwich” in which Starfire,Cyborg and Beast Boy all battle sandwich guardians while Robin has the most  dangerous foe to deal with….

Greg Cipes is Beast Boy,the youngest Titan and the biggest troublemaker. He is always messing with Starfire,tricking her into thinking he is a ghost in “Ghostboy” and teaching Starfire to lie in “Starliar”.Cyborg and Beast Boy are best buds.
Scott Menville is Robin,leader of the team. He is egotistical and also insecure as he is the only Titan without any superpowers. He is fond of yelling “Titans! GO!” as they rush out for a mission. In “Driver’s Ed”,Robin keeps on grabbing his teammates for various “emergencies” that end up with Robin using them for rides,he lost his driver’s license when he blew up a Batmobile. He finds a shady teacher online that keeps failing him,when the other Titans spot what seems to be Robin as a getaway driver,they find out just how good he really can drive!

Hynden Walch is Starfire,an alien princess who is pure sweetness and innocence. She believes the best in everyone. While Robin has a mad crush on Starfire,she seems totally clueless to his affections. She has a pet worm named Silkie which can pretty much eat anything….except an BLT sandwich.
Khary Payton is Cyborg,the yin to Beast Boy’s yang. These two are almost always cooking up some kind if goofiness. In “Hey Pizza” Cyborg and Beast Boy try and score free pizza by causing the driver to be late,if their pizza isn’t delivered in 30 minutes or less,they get a free pie. The duo spends hundreds of dollars just to get that one free pizza.
While the show has become one of the biggest hits for DC Comics and even spawned a summer movie called “Teen Titans GO! To the Movies”,many comic purists i.e. adults have come to loath the series due to the way the characters are portrayed. But more and more adults who weren’t comic book/show fans have discovered it and have helped increased its popularity.


The cheetah and I are huge fans and you haven’t seen anything until you see a cheetah laugh so hard that Dr. Pepper comes through his nose from laughing. The first season of “Teen Titans GO!” consists of 52 episodes and is rated “G”. Sadly there are no special features on this release. You can buy a copy of the season by going to the website of Warner Brothers Archives.

Are you a fan or foe of the show? Drop a comment below!


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