Merry Christmas

Its 10:55 am

Merry Christmas from the Paladin the cheetah and myself. I have promised him he’ll be getting a real Christmas in 2019.

I know many of you have wondered where “Sockvember” went this year…well on Wednesday,Paladin and I will be sharing our new plan for Sockvember and it comes with new wrinkle which I think you will all like. It didn’t fade away,it just got re-shaped a little bit.

If you are reading this and I hope you all do: leave a sentence below and share what you are thankful for.

I am thankful I got to have 13 years with the most wonderful woman a man could ever hoped for. I am thankful for Lori Ann Majestic Sullivan and I love you Lori forever and beyond.



6 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. Not sure what Sockvember is, but since you’re “reshaping” it, hopefully the mystery will be resolved soon….?
    Thank you for your touching insights into the 13 wonderful years you shared with someone very special.
    I guess I’m thankful for my father, who’s 90, being so vivacious and of sound mind. It’s like he’s 69 or 70! His joie de vivre is a constant inspiration and reminder of how to live life.
    I hope you and the Cheetah stay warm and toasty and catch some good holiday movies. I enjoy hearing about them afterwards.
    And happy holidays to you!!

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  2. Merry Christmas Michael, 🎄🎄

    We did see a few snow flakes around 3pm while driving to one of our family’s home.
    I’m thankful for the whole family being togther for Christmas Eve at my home. I’m blessed🙏🏻

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