Have Cheetah,Will View #291 – “Amanda & Jack Go Glamping” (2017)

Its 2:02 pm winter wonderland After avoiding snow for much of our winter,Mother Nature has finally decided to say “hello” and has dumped two snow storms and a polar vortex on my part of Michigan. What a perfect time to grab the remote and see which film the cheetah has picked out for us today. […]

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Seven Things

Its 12:03 pm gray/overcast This entry is a little late…I was supposed to share seven things about myself that no one knows about.  But what is it I could share,the life I had is long gone and as I sit here trying to figure out what I could share,I realize as far as me personally […]

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I turned off the noise today I wanted to hear the silence,to feel it curl around me Despite being alone,I keep the noise on It covers the jagged flow of pain and longing in my soul One would be amazed just how quietly loud a memory can steal back inside. The only sound I hear […]

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