Have Cheetah,Will View #279 – “Love Locks”(2017)

Its 5:43  pm

The cheetah and I were in mellow mood last Wednesday and decided to head back to the wonderful,blissful world of Hallmark Channel movies.  It has actually been a good while since we have reviewed a film and since we adore Rebecca Romijn,we decided “Love Locks” would be a delightful watch…..

About 20 years ago,a pair of young American students attending university in Paris are about to head home. They have experienced a wonderful summer of love but Lindsey (Rebecca Romijn) and Jack (Jerry O’Connell) now have to part. They are making plans on when they’ll meet again but since Lindsey is a art student in New York while Jack is headed to Italy to learn his father’s hotel business,it will be hard. They decide on placing a lock on one of the many French bridges as a symbol that they will stay together.

But as they go to place the lock,it slips from Jack’s hands and falls into the river. Lindsey thinks he did it on purpose and they leave on shaky ground.
Flash forward 20 years and Lindsey has created and is publishing her own art magazine in New York. Its doing very well and the magazine and Lindsey have attracted the attention of publishing tycoon Trent Greer (David Julian Hirsh) who wants to buy her out.
At the same time,Lindsey’s daughter Alexa (Jocelyn Hudon) is about to follow her mother’s footsteps by studying art in Paris over the summer and Lindsey is going along to her in her first week. That isn’t a problem for Trent as his firm has offices in London and he may pop up to say “hello”.

Mother and daughter fly to Paris and soon are checking in at their hotel that Lindsey’s old art teacher has highly recommended. Alexa and the bellboy John-Paul (Benjamin Sutherland) make a instant connection which takes Lindsey quite by surprise. Their room isn’t quite ready so Lindsey and Alexa go exploring in Paris. Lindsey takes Alexa to meet Hugo (Bruce Davison) who chides Lindsey for quitting painting years ago. Hugo shows Alexa a picture her mom painted of the Love Lock bridge and encourages them to come to his show.

Lindsey takes a nap and when she wakes up,she discover Alexa has gone out on her own (and left her cell phone behind!!!)
Lindsey goes downstairs where a guest helps direct her where Alexa and John-Paul are talking,when Lindsey goes to get a glass of wine,she is shocked to find to see Jerry behind the bar,but he isn’t a bartender,he owns the hotel!
With this turn of events,the two ex-lovers start the sparring that will hopefully lead them back together but Alexa and even Hugo also have their loves to discover during one incredible week in the City of Love……

Another great Hallmark romantic-comedy,they really have mastered the art of creating fun and entertaining films and the secret is the casting. Having real life married couple Romijn and O’Connell really works because of the warm chemistry they have. “Love Locks” is a  lot more gentle in the obstacles placed in Lindsey and Jack’s path to a happy reunion. Trent sees Lindsey not so much as a potential love interest but as almost as part of buying the magazine,there is zero spark between he and Lindsey.
Jack of course has a younger girlfriend who looks more like his daughter then a long term romance and he is able to escape with no real effort.
The two younger actors,Hudon and Sutherland.do a fine job as Alexa and John-Paul.

Where the real fun in “Love Locks” comes from is the casting of Bruce Davison as Hugo.  Romijn’s rise to becoming a solid actress came from her being cast as “Mystique” in the first two X-Men movies where she played a shapeshifter who morphed into Davison’s Senator Kelly character. It was a lot of fun watching these two have several key scenes between them and Davison’s French accent was pretty charming as well…an added plus is “Love Locks” was shot on location in Paris and the city looks lovely.

“Love Locks” isn’t blazing any new trails in the rom-com genre but its very much worth picking up for a fun evening of watching good actors in motion..
It has a run time of 95 minutes and no special features. (Come Hallmark,start including commentaries!!)

The cheetah and I give “Love Locks” two thumbs/two paws straight up.

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