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Have Cheetah,Will View #287 – “My Wizard Dad” (2018)


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I got sent a link by actor Timothy Cox about a new short film he appeared in. When I clicked on the portal,it took me to a page on Vimeo where a bunch of short films from Florida State film students were listed. Of course our curiosity was aroused so we decided to check out a random film and this is how we found the very cute and charming “My Wizard Dad”.

Inez Naspine (Kara Grozan) is a young teen whose family happens to be wizards. While Inez thinks magic is outdated and quaint,her dad Frank (Gerry Z. Dragun) loves it and loves to prank his daughter (turning her boyfriend into a frog) but Inez is growing tired of her dad’s antics.
When Frank gets a chance to join the Council of Wizarding Families,Inez sees a chance for a little payback but doesn’t expect the results she gets…..

Shot on a 300.00 budget,”My Wizard Dad” provides a lot of gentle laughs generated by the chemistry of Dragun and Grozan,they really do give good performances as daughter and father and the frustration that Inez expresses is rather ironical as most teens who love to have magic at their fingertips but when Inez says “two day free shipping,now that is magic”,you can tell she has basically become the adult while her dad is to trying to keep his daughter a teen just a little longer.
Writer-directer Carrie Rich has made a small gem of a short film,the visual effects are just retro enough to make you laugh and the cinematography by Aimee Casey is clean and bright.
I wasn’t aware of Florida State having a film school but if this the kind of talent they are churning out,I definitely want to see more from their students.

The video is private on Vimeo so I’ll will link the IMDb page to “My Wizard Dad