Seven Things

Its 12:03 pm

This entry is a little late…I was supposed to share seven things about myself that no one knows about.  But what is it I could share,the life I had is long gone and as I sit here trying to figure out what I could share,I realize as far as me personally goes,I’m pretty much dried out,I may have to recycle some old memories to share as I haven’t done anything of note that I haven’t shared.
But then again,since I have now have 202 Word Press followers of my blog now. So I while what I post may be things long time readers know,they may be new to new readers. Now if I can dredge up seven things.

1. While I live in Michigan,I was born and raised in California. I lived in California until 1999 and then moved here. I do not miss California but I miss my friends there.

2. I have one brother,Phil and one sister,Christine of whom I’m very proud of.
Phil lives in Oregon and Christine lives in California.

3. I used to be a talent buyer in California and booked over 1,500 live shows.
My favorite woman singer is Barbara Manning and my favorite male singer is Dave Alvin.

4. I was married to Lori Ann for 9 years and together with her for 14 years. She died of uterine cancer 20 May 13 after fighting her illness for over 2 years. She was the bravest and most courage-filled person I have ever met.

5. I no longer can sleep in a quiet house,I have to have some kind of white noise to help me sleep. I have insomnia but lately I have been sleeping better and dreaming more.

6. I am blessed to have some great friends and I’m always grateful for their kindness.

7. As I mentioned,I am a pretty boring person. In fact I am the most boring person I know. You would have liked the old me when I had a wife and a happy life.

7a I have a cheetah named Paladin who keeps me entertained.

I don’t know if this is what I’m supposed to share or not. I really don’t do very much but I’m trying. I actually did Thanksgiving for the first time since Lori passed away and I now have a small Christmas tree which I hope to put up this year. I’m looking for a bike and am looking forward to walking again in the Spring.



4 thoughts on “Seven Things

  1. A talent buyer: that sounds fascinating. But I bet it could be a pain in the ass.
    Where did you live in California, Los Angeles? I was thinking that’s a good enough reason not to miss California. But maybe you have another reason. (I live in L.A.)
    I had a brother named Phil. Funny, huh?
    Yeah, and who knows what boring is. I think that’s completely subjective.
    And it can’t be THAT boring with the cheetah around. 🙂

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