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Sock Drive 2019 Update #1

Its 3:22 pm
Good afternoon…..and welcome to the tail end of Polar Vortex 2019 from SE Michigan.
This past week has been beyond brutal as many of you have both experienced first hand and or have read about.
For us,we had two snow storms that dumped around 7 inches of snow combined and then the Vortex which dropped our temps with the wind chill factored in down to -40 degrees,Minnesota and North Dakota saw -60 to -66 temps.
Every single warming center and Salvation Army center was activated so that everyone would have a shelter to stay in. People volunteered in Detroit to help find both human and animal who have been left outside.
The cheetah and I ventured out to the front porch for five minutes to experience this.
Paladin was so curious and he was pretty amazed at all the fresh scents he could smell in the crisp air. He wanted to stay out a little longer but 5 minutes was the max and we both called it a night. I thought he might stay at his window and look out some more but he came over once I started a fake phone call. That has been become his latest game,he’ll busy himself or sleep until the phone rings or he sees me talking into it,once he sees or hears it,he’ll come and want to curl up on me.
The one thing that really crossed my mind was I really believe Lori Ann was speaking to my heart when I decided to do Sock Drive 2019 for the whole year. By now whatever donated clothes and socks many charities may have gathered will be long gone and yet there are so many in need still. I put the word out in Dec and I knew January would be a tough month for donations as folks are recovering from the Christmas holidays. Our goal of 1,200 packages of socks will be a tough one to hit but yet we still rather well for a first month…..


We received 14 packages of socks which added up to 89 pairs.  We also received many folks pledging to send some in February and March and we are so grateful. Can we raise 1,186 more? I don’t know….but I do know we got 89 pairs so far and that at least 14 people will have socks for their feet.
The other item we are looking to collect are wash clothes and small hand towels,these can be used,we only ask they not be soiled or torn. We received 12 hand towels/wash clothes in January and are hoping to reach 100 by March.

If you are new and wondering what Sock Drive 2019 is about,you can read about it here:

Sock Drive 2019


If you wish to contribute,you can find the mailing information by clicking here.

If are you are not able to contribute and not everyone can,can you please maybe repost this on your Facebook,Twitter or Instagram page? That also would be a tremendous help.
Thank you for caring and we’ll keep you updated on where we are at.

Love to you all.

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