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Have Cheetah,Will View #292 – “$100 Taxi Ride – Season One/Vol. One” (2001)

Its 3:37 pm
laundry day

Every once in a great while I will hit my local Goodwill store. Its something I do maybe 2-3 times a year when I’m out looking for new stuff to watch. Where as some Goodwill stores are customer and wallet friendly,our store is not. Not only are their prices on everything higher but add in the poor quality of the donated items and its clear why I rarely shop there.
But once in a great while,sometimes I get lucky and will stumble about a title that is not expensive and is in good shape. It helps when the title is extremely obscure like “$100 Taxi Ride” is.

The premise is simple, producer-narrator Joel Stewart lands in a large city anywhere in the world and spends $100 (American) on a taxi ride. He leaves it up to the taxi driver to show him what the driver thinks is worth visiting. The driver will take Stewart to not only some well known places but in some cases,even take him to their homes or to another country.
Each show ran for 30 minutes and two cities are featured each show. The one and only season for this series consisted of 14 episodes and 28 cities visited. As you see from my intro,I only was able to get a half-season. I really liked the format but I think it should have been a hour long because let’s face it,how much of Cape Town or Calgary can you see in 10-11 minutes?
The real stars of the show are clearly the drivers,the producers took care to find the most interesting personalities who have been taxi drivers for years. All of the drivers were extremely friendly and enjoyed their jobs. They also were quite trusting as they let Joel sit in the front seat on many of his rides.
I can understand why the show only lasted a season…2001 was a harsh year and after 9/11,the world got a lot darker,combine that with high production costs and well,you get the picture. I don’t know if this show could work in today’s environment but it would be interesting to see just how much each city and country has changed.

Season One/Volume One consists of 7 episodes at 30 minutes apiece and there are no special features. I wonder what my chances are at finding Volume Two are?

Have you ever taken a taxi ride in a new city? What was your experience like?
Drop a comment below!!


2 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #292 – “$100 Taxi Ride – Season One/Vol. One” (2001)

  1. When I lived in New York, I didn’t have to drive. Took the subway everywhere. But once in a while I had take take a cab, and once in Manhattan, I was literally digging my nails into the armrest in terror thinking we were going to crash at any moment. Lanes? Driving in a straight line? Staying at a reasonable speed? No. No. And no. It was horrifying!

    $100 Taxi Ride sounds pretty interesting; I applaud taxi drivers everywhere. I couldn’t do it!

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    • I loved this show,the drivers were really sweet people and really enjoyed their jobs,even in the busiest of times.
      Never had a scary cab ride myself but I have horror stories about New York cabbies…how long were you in New York?


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