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Have Cheetah,Will View #293 – “Bonehill Road” (2018)

Its 2:40 pm

The cheetah and I have only two rules when we review films,no adult films and no torture porn. In other words,we will watch just about anything that is filmed. I find films in the most unexpected fashion,blind buy,following a link,suggestions from friends and in many cases of indie and short films,from the actors themselves.

Wild Eye
The last one is how I found “Bonehill Road” which was released by Wild Eye Entertainment. I swapped a few tweets with actress Eli DeGeer who is a real sweet person. She was and is promoting “Bonehill Road” as she is the lead actress in it.
I decided to buy the film and take a peek,the plot seemed just crazy enough for the cheetah and I to like.

The film had a 40 minute “Making Of” feature that I watched first..watching director Todd Sheets and his cast and crew,you can’t but love and respect their energy and positiveness in making “Bonehill”. From gathering everyone in a circle and Sheets personally thanking each and everyone for showing up and making the film,to going fanboy in getting to cast a pair of well known actors agreed to do small parts.
The cast and crew returned the favor and the praise of Sheets is from the heart,he loves horror and he loves making his films. The “Making Of…..” had me excited to see the movie.

I understand indie films and how they are made. They often are labors of love,have no money to speak of and may use actors who are relatively raw and inexperienced. That is par for the course. “Bonehill Road” is no different..Sheets is working with a shoestring budget and most of the budget were into his practical effects and you can see he spent every cent he had onscreen.
The plot of the movie is wildly twisted,an abused mother named Emily (played by Eli) and her teen daughter Eden (Ana Plumberg) are running away from a bad situation. In doing so,Emily and Eden not find themselves facing werewolves but in the course of local for help,stumble across a madman who is slaughtering a house full of women.
Yeah,I know,the cheetah was giving me the stinkeye when he read the DVD box. But he stuck around to check out the werewolves……

I REALLY wanted to like “Bonehill Road”. A sweetheart of a director,a lovely lead actress,cool looking werewolves,a pretty good transformation scene,what’s not to like,right?
“Bonehill Road” turned out to be a torture porn movie. A case could be made for a “what is worse?”,abusive humans who slice and dice each other or battling savage werewolves. If Sheets had slightly softened his trademark gore for a sliver of humor in story,this may have helped. But showing one victim being slowly disemboweled and another being tortured by being force fed her own cooked flesh,yeah,you no longer are making a horror film,you are making sick torture porn and going for the shock effect.  Watching
these scenes will have true horror fans checking out but hey,if watching women being savagely and slowly killed is your bag,well,you’re welcome to this.

What a damn shame because DeGeer and Plumberg as Emily and Eden deserve a better movie as does the hard work of every effect house that worked on this film.  The rest of the cast deserved a better film,the rest of the crew deserved better.
The werewolves effects are amazing,I have watched movies with much larger budgets who resort to using really crappy CGI but on this aspect of the movie,Sheets shines in making his effects practical. There is a pretty great transformation scene in the end that I liked and outside the acting of DeGeer and Plumberg,was the best thing about the film.


While I can’t recommend this film,I still say that I’m a fan of Todd Sheets the person. I do think he is the nice guy that comes across in the making of feature. I just just think he needs to learn the difference of horror and torture porn. Once he understands that people enjoy being scared instead of grossed out and repulsed,his audience will grow.

“Bonehill Road” is unrated as it should be. It has a run time of 87 minutes and includes the aforementioned 40 minute making of feature.

Comments are welcome below.


14 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #293 – “Bonehill Road” (2018)

  1. This was actually the first film I reviewed on my site, and I liked it a lot more than you. Todd is a nice guy, and I’ve been a fan of his stuff since the 80s, but I know they’re not for everyone.

    Oddly enough the review I posted today, Clownado is his most recent film. Every bit as gory, but a lot less serious

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    • That is what made it hard for me to review this movie,I adore Eli and Todd seems like such a cool dude which is why I really pulled my punch in reviewing this. Normally a film like this would never see the light of day on my blog but I did want to acknowledge that cast and crew worked very hard and I thought the werewolves looked great. I’ll give Clownado a look-see if I find it.


  2. Are the werewolf transformations better than An American Werewolf in London? That’s quite a feat, if so….

    We’ve only seen three torture porns, and that was three too many. Saw, Hostel (which made me paranoid more than anything, thinking I wouldn’t be surprised if super rich underground clubs existed that did that kind of thing) and Wolf Creek.

    We usually see movies over again through the years, but we never saw any of those again. Wolf Creek was especially disturbing since it was based on “true events.” I’d much rather see werewolves transforming than imagine how close I might have come to death over the years when I was camping, waiting for buses on a lonely street, or walking home in the dark.

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