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Have Cheetah,Will View #294 – “Room 8” (2013)

Its 3:37 pm

Back in 2013 Bombay Sapphire Global,which makes and bottles Bombay Gin among other things,came up with what they called the “Imagination Series”. They commissioned Oscar winning writer Geoffrey Fletcher (Best Original Screenplay for “Precious”) to write a script without any stage direction and asked for short film submissions.

I was turned on to “Room 8” after I had reviewed “My Wizard Dad” and had visited the blog “Lowlife Magazine”. I left a comment on a article and one of the writers sent me the link to “Room 8”. At a mere 6 minutes and 49 seconds,I can’t really talk about the plot other then to say,prepared to have your mind blown by director James W. Griffiths take on Fletcher’s script.
As you can see in the YouTube listing,”Room 8″ won a BAFTA,the British version of the Oscars,in the short film category and deservedly so. What really helps is that Griffiths not only got a proper budget but even was able to cast a rising star at the time in Tom Cullen who has gone on to have a solid career including starring in “Knightfall”.

I included a short interview of Griffiths as he explains his film and how he got there.
Unfortunately Griffiths has had a very difficult time getting his career on track and only has directed once since winning his BAFTA,according to his IMDb page. That is a real shame because as shown here in “Room 8”,he definitely has a great imagination.

What did you think of “Room 8”? Drop a comment below and share your thoughts.
Special thanks to “Lowlife” for the tip……


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