Have Cheetah,Will View #295 – “Ace of Cakes” – Season 3 (2007)

Its 2:43 am

I was talking to my fellow film buff Romey about places I go to look for films and TV shows. While we’re both collectors,we approach it differently. Where as he isn’t afraid to drop some coin on getting something he really wants,because I am on a tight budget,I can’t do the same. I may buy 2-3 things at full price during the year but going out on Tuesday which is new release day or hitting up Amazon and having to pay shipping fees which negates the low price I had hoped to get the movie for,yeah,can’t do it.
I ventured out to place I rarely go to last Saturday and that was my local Goodwill. The store I go to doesn’t have a good selection,the discs are often in crappy condition and many times,they are often gone as in stolen. Despite the store being 2 miles away,I only go maybe twice a year…..but once in a blue moon,I get lucky as I did with finding the third season of Ace of Cakes. I reviewed the fifth season which you can find here.

“Ace of Cakes” aired on The Food Network for 10 seasons. It was based around one of its most popular stars,Duff Goldman and his cake shop,”Charm City Cakes” in Baltimore,Maryland. Here Duff and his talented crew of friends were shown making these incredible cakes both for regular folks, charities and celebrities. Because this is a “reality” show,Duff and his friends are shown visiting and partaking in many activities like driving a tank,visiting a zoo and being invited to speak at different events.
The format is the same each week,there is a staff meeting,the shop is always “busy”and there are 2-3 featured cakes each episode. Each episode shows the progression of the cake and the incredible skill it takes to create it.

I know the format is the same here as it is in Season Five but its the journey that is different. What I really like about Duff and his crew is for every paying customer,they donate a hell of a lot time and energy to help others. Watching cakes being made for worthy charities like the Maryland Zoo and Ronald McDonald House is a lot of fun.
Led by Duff and his dour sous chef Geof,the workload is impressive as the shop is indeed very busy with often up to 30 custom cakes a week being made by a staff of around 16. (Of course this is in 2007,they may have much more staff by now).

The highlights of the 3rd season include making a wedding cake for one of the Charm City cake decorators,making a non-cake for the late Tom Clancy’s birthday which was being held on the USS New Jersey and making a wedding cake for Duff’s college roommate when he was a freshman in college. That was a strange episode because while I’m sure the producers approached the roommate with doing the show and getting a free cake for his troubles,you can see in the young man’s face that Duff must have been a royal pain in the ass to him. The fact that Duff and his roommate didn’t appear on the show together at the cake reveal….uncomfortable much?
One of the highlights of each season is Charm City does a cake for the Maryland Zoo’s biggest fundraiser and this was no different in season three as they make a huge elephant non-cake as well as several sheet cakes. A non-cake is basically a show piece that you can’t eat but has food elements in its construction.

Other highlights include hosting a young girl whose Make-A-Wish was to meet Duff.
Duff loves kids and he’ll be happy to work with just about any legitimate cause,case or organization that helps kids in need. This is shown again in season three when Charm City makes cakes for Carmelo Anthony’s charity and then teams up with Hasbro to deliver Christmas gifts and cake to the Ronald McDonald House.
Lori and I watched a LOT of The Food Network and Duff Goldman was always one of our favorite personalities to watch and with “Ace of Cakes” and its easy going gentleness,one can see why it ran 10 seasons.

Season Three of “Ace of Cakes” consists of 13 episodes and while there are no extra features,it does contain Duff’s bio.
Now if only the Food Network would release “Iron Chef America”…..
The cheetah and I gave “Ace of Cakes” a paw and a thumb straight up….

How about you? Has anyone collected or bought any Food Network releases? If so,which are your favorites and why. Drop a comment below and share it with us.




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