Have Cheetah,Will View #299 – “CarousHELL” (2016)

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What??? I’m already at review 299? It sure has seem quite fast since I was reviewing “The Jurassic Games” for our 200th review. Time sure has flown by in that respect. So while the cheetah and I consider what to review for our 300th,we’ll review another Wild Eye Release that we have been hearing about.

Wild Eye
Duke has issues,he is a spirit who has been locked into a unicorn on a carousal and he has been going round and round for about 100 years now. He is sick of going nowhere while being abused by all the weird kids and creeps who ride him. After a young kid named Lunchbox smears a booger on Duke’s face,the unicorn breaks free and vows revenge!!

Laurie (Se Marie) is stuck with babysitting Lunchbox,who happens to be her 12 year old brother. She tries to worm her out of it because there is a hot party she wants to go to. But her mom insists that Laurie babysit and this is how Lunchbox came to be at the park.
After Duke breaks free,he starts on a rampage and kills anyone he sees and that includes Laurie’s boyfriend. He then escapes the park not knowing there is a lawman named Cowboy Cool in hot pursuit!

As Duke looks for the nasty kid,he sees a couple in the park and offs them as well because that is what crazy unicorn rides do. He then proceeds to continue to look for Lunchbox.
Meanwhile Laurie and her brother get to the party and go in…its full of weird and wacky people including French brother and sister Margot (Sarah Brunner) and Pierre (Josh Miller),frentic Preston (Chris Proud) and the bubbly Sarah (Haley Madison).
who is also the hostess for the party.

One last unexpected guest shows up when Joe the Pizza Guy (Steve Rudzinski) delivers 42.39 worth of pizzas and then spends the rest of the movie trying to get paid – with a tip!
But the party is about to crashed,kicked,stomped,skewered and well,you’ll have to see THAT scene for yourself…..as Duke is in the house and he is looking for a little payback!!


So did the cheetah and I like “CarousHELL”? Yes and no…..First we love the idea that co-writer Aleen Isley came up with. A haunted twisted unicorn ride seeking revenge? Bloody brilliant idea!! Adding a solid voice over by actor Steve Rimpici as Duke was also a great idea,he kept everything on a surreal comedic level and the weapons that Duke kept coming up with,again,greats laughs because just HOW was he doing it??

Haley Madison is a seriously cute young actress who has a real flair for comedy as well,acting wise,she was the highlight of the film and one hopes she got paid as well as one could hope for for going beyond the call of duty for a couple of scenes. Sarah Brunner as Margo was also a highlight and she sold her death scene very well.

The bad? The producers should have waited for more money because “CarousHELL” just didn’t have nearly enough. Duke was just set in place and it looked cheap and terrible. Director Steve Rudzinski should stick to acting because he sure as hell can’t direct very well,the lighting was poor all through the film and I guess the word “editor” must not be known because there was zero editing done here,its like they filmed scenes and then cobbled them,there was zero flow. Too many times actors shouted their lines,be loud doesn’t cover up a shitty script and that hurt this film as well.

But because this idea is a great one,I hope Isley was smart enough to make sure she retains full credit for her creation and then tries to find someone who can make her idea come to life with a story and a budget that Duke deserves.

“CarousHELL” has a run time of 70 minutes and while unrated,its a HARD “R” for language and nudity. Special features include cast and crew interviews and a blooper reel.

This was a hard one to rate but in the end,the idea for the story,Steve Rimpici’s take on Duke and  rising scream queen Haley Madison’s acting tips the scales ever so lightly into the cheetah and I giving this a thumbs/paw straight up.

You can buy a copy of “CarousHELL” at the website of Wild Eye Releasing.

13 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #299 – “CarousHELL” (2016)

  1. You liked this one a lot more than me.

    I reviewed it for Beneath the Underground back when it was first made and was being sold from the director’s website. I just found it too silly and over the top and the characters too annoying to enjoy.

    I do agree with you on the actress, but I’m pretty sure that was Haley Madison, not Richardson. I’ve reviewed a couple of other films she’s been in including the excellent In Memory Of

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Jim,I was up late when I wrote this. I think the concept is rather fun and original. Madison is one to a keep a eye on and if I had a GOOD indie project,I would definitely cast her somewhere.


  2. Thanks for the great review and kind words. Duke (the prettiest god damned unicorn in the world) was a lot of fun to voice. Proud to have worked with such a terrific cast and crew. Thank you again!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You did such a great job…..the voice overs had me cracking up and definitely were the highlight of the film. I really hope Duke will be able to come back sometime soon….


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