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Have Cheetah,Will View #301 – “Kitbull” (2019)

Its 6:22 pm

I was up early this past week when my reporter friend Amy posted a link to a short cartoon. She is a huge pet lover and throughout the years some of our lighter moments have come by talking about animals. So when I clicked on this link,I wasn’t quite expecting this new cartoon from Disney-Pixar running underneath a new banner called SparkShorts.

Directed by Rosana Sullivan,”Kitbull” tells the about the unlikely friendship that develops between a small all black kitten who fends for itself and lives in a junk yard and a pitbull who turns out is being used for dog fighting and is forced to live outside on a heavy steel chain.
The kitten is tremendously brave and quite spirited as well as independent as it passes up a free can of cat food in exchange for stealing its own food. While the dog seems friendly towards the small kitten,it in turn goes cheetah,fluffing up and displaying some very sharp claws. When the kitten comes back to its little home in a cardboard box and sees birds on it,it defends the box,again very cheetah like.

When the pitbull is introduced,the dog just wants a buddy but the sharp barbwire  that lies between the two keeps them apart as does the little kitten.
The dog and kitten start to bond over a game with a bottle cap but the kitten is alarmed when a human has the dog tear apart a stuffed toy and it gets very scared and distrustful again. The dog is used in a fight and is hurt,its thrown back outside in the rain where its limping and cries to be let back in.
When the rain soaks and flips over the kitten’s box,the kitten is caught by plastic that is used for soda and beer. To make matters worse,its also trapped by the barbwire. The dog,hurt and rejected starts towards the kitten…..
This is an instant modern masterpiece and no,I’m not saying that because there is a cat in it. The story is more about the pitbull as the breed is feared by many. Sadly,while this is a beautiful and noble gesture about how gentle pitbulls are. But in a strange twist of fate,the very same dog that is used for fighting or bought as a status symbol only be discarded when they are adults,may in fact save more lives then even anti-pitbull groups realize. Because of the terrible amount of animal abuse and illegal breeding,more and more states are making these crimes hard felonies where people will be doing hard time.


While this story of course has a happy ending,it also raises awareness about abuse.
This also applies to cats…I got Paladin because some hoarder kept 88 cats in her home in filth and rotten conditions.
I loved “Kitbull” and I found it extremely moving and if you don’t as well,then you don’t have a soul.

This is an amazing 9 minute film and one we hope you will look at.

9 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #301 – “Kitbull” (2019)

  1. I feel very bad for the situation pit bulls are in. I’ve known several over the years, and they’ve all been gentle, sweet animals. It’s great that this short can raise awareness about animal abuse.

    And the funny thing is, as we all well know from online videos, it’s not far-fetched at all that a pit bull and a kitten could be friends. In the spirit of unusual real life animal friendships, one of the cutest ones I saw was a cat and a crow who were best buds!

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