What the Fuck Is the Reason?

Normally this is the part where I introduce the blog and offer a couple of words about what is supposed to be about. Instead,I’m just going to shut my mouth and get out of the way. I will say this….Susan Rahn is one hell of a human being and I see a LOT of Lori’s spirit in her. To those who know me and know Lori and I will realize I don’t say that lightly.

Susan lost a very close friend this week and these are her feelings about it. I urge you to read this and also read about Susan’s own journey by following her blog.


I am so sick of hearing people say to me that I’m still here for “a reason” or I’ve outlived my prognosis for “a reason.” If there is in fact “a reason,” then please tell me, what the fuck it is.

This week has been especially difficult. A close friend of mine who I see on a regular basis and talk to daily, took a turn she unfortunately wouldn’t recover from. Her Mom called me this past Monday to let me know Melissa was going into hospice. I don’t care how prepared you think you are; you are never prepared to hear those words about someone you love. As I hung up the phone, it felt like someone pulled the world out from under me. I don’t remember a time when I ever sobbed like I did on Monday. I wasn’t crying for me. I was crying for Stella; Melissa’s…

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One thought on “What the Fuck Is the Reason?

  1. Michael, thanks for sharing Susan’s Journey
    I felt her pain as she watched her dear friend lose the battle to cancer. So many emotions during that time.
    I will never understand why People die so young of different
    Illness. It doesn’t seem fair.

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