8 Questions with……….actress Tai Brown

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Welcome to another edition of “8 Questions with…….”

We’re slowing making our way through all these amazing folks who responded to my my simple question of “Who wants to be interviewed?”
Meet Tai Brown…she is a native New Yorker who has moved to Los Angeles and is quickly making strides in Hollywood which includes earning a recurring role on a new show called “Grand Hotel” which is on ABC and will premiere 17 June 2019.
Hard work isn’t new to Tai,she is a multi-talented performer who not only excels on screen but also in the classroom as she attended and graduated Syracuse before making her leap to the West Coast.
It will be a lot fun to watch Tai continue to put in the work as her star steadily rises.
This is also why I like doing these types of interviews,its like catching lightening in a bottle,you just never know who is going to become a breakout star. But in this case…I do believe I’ll put my money on Tai!



Please introduce yourself and tell us about your current project.

My name is Tai Brown and my current project is a recurring role on the ABC drama ‘Grand Hotel’ that premieres June 17th. Executive produced by Eva Longoria, it is about the last family owned hotel in Miami and the ins and out along with scandal that goes with it.


What was growing up in the Bronx like and are you a New York Yankees fan?

I am so proud to be from the Bronx. Growing up there was filled with so much culture, triumph, and an overflow of discovery. It is where I learned about the arts, where I performed on my first stage. I felt very supported by Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club and learned many skill sets that I carry with me today. I am not a big sports fan (other than dance) in general so not a fair question.

What was living in Florence, Italy like? How did you end up living there? What were your three biggest/favorite moments while in Florence?

Living in Florence was a dream. I still can’t believe it is a part of my story. I studied abroad Fall semester senior year of college and fell in love figuratively and physically. We decided it was best to live together after being in a long distance relationship and there is where I became a live out au pair. A lot of wine and long nights with the stars but, like every dream it ends.


What was the cultural difference like and what surprised you the most about Italy?

The cultural differences were many, I was a vegetarian at the time and I recall there being a lot of confusion especially amongst those of an older generation when I opted out on dishes. There was a break in the day where restaurants were closed and I remember the frustration when I wanted a meal larger than a snack before dinner. Family is the most important part of the Italian culture where as in America it seems to be wealth and control or fame. Dinners with the family every night was one of the most special displays of love I had ever been a part of, there is a lot of love in Italy.

What is dancing to you? What makes a good street dancer into an elite one?

Dancing is giving the soul a time to breath! It inspires and heals every one who comes across it. A street dancer and an elite one are the same just on different vibrations, one must be able to listen and release simultaneously while technically and emotionally translating a message.

What is “Borderline Bitter” and what drove you to create it?

It is an off-off Broadway play that I wrote, produced and starred in that premiered in Manhattan. I was itching to create so drew from aspects of my life and extensions of what it could be. Found a stage, a couple acts, one drummer and a vocalist who went to my University to be a part of the story and also give me a break from the one-woman act. So many of my skill sets were on high. It was very rewarding.


What was you experience at Syracuse University like?

My experience at Syracuse University was very surreal. I became a part of environments I had only seen on television previously. The academics were challenging but there was the perfect amount of avenue to express yourself and interact with your peers. It was cold but I felt there was room for me there, which helped me to shine and build my brand.

What were your five best moments outside graduation?

1. Being a part of Creations Dance Company
2. Living in my sorority house
3. Winning the 1st ever poetry slam
4. Becoming Miss Black and Gold Pageant Queen
5. Meeting my best friends


After your move to Los Angeles, you started out with a bang! Tell us about your first two jobs and how you got them?

I wouldn’t say a bang but I definitely got leverage and a team early on. My first job was a national commercial for Coca Cola where I got Taft –Hartley, which led to the union. I got the audition through my agent. It was meant to be as I got to work with Davi Santos who I hadn’t seen since attending the performing arts Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School. Before that was a role as a dancer on a Hulu series.

What does the word “artist” mean to you?

Artist means discoverer. I get to dig deep and fail without looking back all the time. I get to heal not only others who see and enjoy my work but myself through and along it.


With so many shows being made for various outlets, is the auditioning process that much harder and how do you approach auditioning?

I feel the auditioning process has no rules and is always changing. Self-taping has become a skill set that is learned. Margie Haber studio has great lighting and high fast tech; you then have to find your rhythm in and outside the audition room. I approach the auditioning process as a class and then I throw it all away and become present.

How do you improve yourself professionally?

Improving myself professionally is a process and ongoing action that I take, I do so by studying, learning as much as I can and watching a lot of great acting. I relate a lot of my daily activities to align with acting whether that is on set or in yoga class or meeting people for the first time. I open myself to possibilities and I build relationships.

How much does your heritage mean to you?

My heritage means the most to me. It is my identity in so many ways; I base choices and beliefs on them.

The cheetah and I are flying in to watch you work on your next big project but we’re a day early. You are now our tour guidethe cheetah is insisting on wearing his ‘Cuse cap…what are we doing? 

My favorite place would be Costa Rica after BMX rides through the jungle to take a swim. Favorite city is Barcelona, night out on the town. Favorite people are from New Orleans but we’d have to end our tour guide in my hometown of New York City.


I think the cheetah and I would love to hang out IF I could convince him how fun flying
on airplanes can by! Maybe if I tell him he can chase the bulls in Spain…..
I like to thank Tai very much for graciously sharing her time with us. I have a feeling her life is about to get very interesting once “Grand Hotel” debuts. We wish you luck,Tai and come back and visit us again…..

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