8 Questions with……..Egyptian-American actor Rafy Minario

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Welcome to another edition of 8 Questions With……..

When you ask someone just how far you would go to chase your dream,chances are slim that anyone has chased it further then Los Angeles based actor Rafy Minario. Originally from Egypt,Rafy found the film industry there a little slim to liking and decided to immigrate to the United States seven years ago to pursue his love of performing.
Since Rafy has moved here,he has slowly honed is craft and and has starred in,cast and produced three of his own projects just the past 18 months thus proving his never give work ethic is alive and well.
One can’t helped but be impressed with how far this young man has come and it will quite interesting to see where his journey will take him.
So take a few minutes and get to know Rafy as he answers our 8 Questions…….


  Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about you.

I’m Rafy Minario,an Egyptian American actor. Moved here in 2012 as an
Egyptian immigrant.
I have two Bachelor degrees in theatre and writing from Egypt. And I finished my Masters degree in acting for film from New York film academy in Los Angeles.


 What led you into becoming a actor?

Since I was 4 years old, I started to mimic actors and cartoons from TV, and I
started doing voice over acting since I was 9 years old.


 Have you found yourself being typecast into roles and if so,how do you
adjust as a actor?

    I was only playing comedy back in Egypt, and here in the States, I started
playing dramas for long time since I feel drama acting is deep and I enjoy
  One of my teachers at the school told me that I have to play comedy since
he sees me as a comedian specially I have a  very good sense of humor in my
sarcastic personality.


What has been the most difficult part about being a working actor for

I think finding a good agent and manager who knows  your skills and how
to sell you and send you to the right role has been the most very difficult.
For me I’m lucky to have Hollywood Original Talent management & Left Field
management with me, plus I do have a very good agent who is very friendly and
always sending me to good gigs.

As an actor, it was hard for me to hear a lot of No, but my acting coach
told me “you will hear a lot of No, don’t be sad. All what you need is one
Yes” so I think this is also a difficult part about being an actor.


 What three people have had the most influence on you and how did they do

My family: Dad & Mom weren’t accepting the fact that I wanna be an actor,especially in the Middle East since acting is not a good source for money.
  But when we moved to the United States and they saw my passion in acting, they
encouraged me a lot and they still do.

Omar El Sharif, the great actor, he was my friend and he told me “travel to
the States and follow your dreams, fight for it because nothing comes easy”.
So when I look back to his career and how difficult it was to be that
successful and to become very famous for good roles, I’d love to follow his steps.

My great grandma, Martha, she was a very kind woman and I think I had this
artistic personality because of her, because she taught me everything romantic
and good through her eyes, she was a great person and very lovely, but now she
is in heaven with the angels.


 You have written,produced and cast three of your own projects,what aspect of doing this was the most challenging and why was it?

 I love writing and I only write stories that really have a good message to deliver. That’s why I’m big fan of writing true stories movies.

I think each time I produce a movie, I learn something new and it adds to my experience.
I love to cast and I do have very good eyes to see actors and observe them, I enjoy doing casting since I love meeting different personalities.  I like to deal with them and listen to them and learn from their life and seeing their love to be actors and playing the part. And I always feel sorry when I don’t give the role for someone specially if he or she is a good actor or actress, but we all know that “It’s only one actor for the role”, but I really enjoy doing this and that’s why I do casting a lot for all my filmmakers friends, they all trust my choices. 
 What do you prefer as a actor,working on a stage or doing film/TV work and why?
    I came from theatre school which I enjoy stage and theatre, everyday is a new experience on the stage, no time for mistakes and no chance to fail.  Feeling your audience and reacting with them is also a very enjoyable feeling when you hear their laughs or their tears. 
    Acting for film is something different, it’s always pleasure acting in front of the camera specially if you are working with good directors who know how to direct you and get what they want.
 With so many more outlets creating original content,is it easier or more difficult in getting parts?

I think it’s easier since it opens a lot and variety of new roles and parts so many  different kind of talents can get involve in it.

What is your process in getting ready for an audition? How do you handle not getting a role you really wanted?

   I always read the side more than once and try to figure the relationship between my character and the others and read about the breakdown for that character. Then I do it in different ways and try to see and feel which one I try is the closest. I always carry the side in my hands even if I memorized the lines, and when I go to the audition room, I always arrive early and try to be myself. 

    I’m always optimistic even if I didn’t get the part, I always say to myself “The best will come soon, at least I did my part and I got the chance to audition in front of people”- they maybe book me for something else.
 The cheetah and I are in town to watch your latest project but we are a day early. You are our tour guide for a day,what are we doing and seeing? (Talk up your favorite places,people,attractions,etc)

I will start my day with you by hiking in the area by Malibu, then I will take you to one of my favorite beaches in Malibu. Next, we will have our lunch in a seafood restaurant then I will take you guys to Hollywood after and at night we can go for a walk at Santa Monica and eat some ice cream. 

It pretty clear that Rafy has had experience with cheetahs as he suggested having seafood for dinner….which is what Paladin does best,sees food and eats it!
I like to thank Rafy for giving me the chance to interview him here on the blog and I like to thank his friends,family and fans for supporting him.You can follow Rafy’s next movie by visiting his IMDb page here.

You can send Rafy a friend at Facebook by going here.

And of course what actor doesn’t have InstaGram?

Feel free to leave a comment or question for Rafy and we’ll make to pass it on…..

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