5 Jan 2012

Its 2:14 am

Working on my *8 Questions with….” with Florida based actress Emily Pedone when I had a small snag that I will need her help with.

I decided I would share older blog because I’m starting feel the urge to write on a more personal level again,I don’t know if I will but I am thinking about it. I guess I just wanted to remind myself on why The Inner Circle was first started and that maybe I should remember to write about it more.

As I wrote this,Lori was almost halfway through her radiation treatments at the UM Cancer Center,I wasn’t working and I lose something that was rather important. It was a a bit of a rough day…..

5 Jan 2012

Its 10:44 am

Another brisk morning here in SE Michigan. The past two days have been bitterly cold but now we are looking to warm up to 40 degrees today. Was feeling pretty good about that until reading Tiffany Hendra’s past about enjoying a 80 degree day in sunny SoCal. You may have the sun missy,but we have the SNOW!
Well sort of,just a few patches hanging on but most have melted. Which is strange as we sit in the weather channel for the most part. By that I mean if any type of weather blows though the Metro Detroit area,we are bound to get it. But this winter has been different as most of the snow that has fallen has ended in Ann Arbor which is about 20 miles away. Sort of strange driving from a snowless house and by the time we get to the hospital,we are looking at 2-3 inches of snow on the ground. But thats Michigan for you…
Day 12 of radiation has come and gone…and we are starting to see the side effects now. Eating has become a real challenge for Lori now as just about everything she eats is causing diarrhea which in turn is making her dehydrated. I wish she liked Gatorade but she doesn’t,only water and Welch’s grape juice seem to make her feel better. I am scouring for Welch’s coupons so I can keep a steady supply in the fridge,that and I bought a case of water on sale as well.
The list of food the doctors recommend is too general in nature to be of help. The list of bad foods also includes good things like fresh veggies,nuts and whole grains. I can say that the biggest hurdle in this cancer journey is overcoming our bad food choices. The crap that we (meaning us two) eat is just not good. We don’t eat out a lot so that helps but our snacks are just as bad for the most part. And I really need to dig in my feet and put harder for a better diet. So I am open to anyone who can suggest a good list of foods that are good but we can have fun eating….so that means NO TOFU!
Yesterday we were supposed to be headed to the DIA to look at the Rembrandt collection of Jesus. Instead we hosted our friend Cheryl for lunch. We had a nice relaxing lunch and a good visit. She had mentioned she had some books for me,I was nervous that it would be a 30-40 book drop-off but I got lucky and it was only 4 books…whew! I have told Lori that I should be banned from Dollar Tree because every time I go,I always end up with 1 or 10 books to add to the huge stacks I have in my den.
After the visit Lori dozed off for a while,I let her sleep while I deep cleaned the upstairs bathroom. Then she went out for a hour of Lori time which means going to her favorite shops. She is looking for the after Christmas sales when they drop prices on wrap,ribbons and cards way down. In the past couple of years this has been a challenge as a lot of folks are doing the same and by the time the 75% tags are up,most of the goodies are gone as well! It makes the hunt all that more fun as you find yourself in stores you normally don’t shop looking for that elusive Santa wrapping paper.
We were watching TV when while drinking some water,I felt something in my mouth hit my teeth…a little surprised when  I spit out the gold crown I had on one of my teeth. I went to the bathroom and rinsed it off and just shook my head,what ELSE can go wrong? No job,2 busted cars that need 2k worth of repairs,a wife who is very sick and now this,a 800.00 crown that needs to be replaced. I’m strong but holy crow,can we get just a small break here??? I like to wake up with some sort of innerpeace here but those days seem less and less. I’m heading over to our dentist to get a temp crown put on while I try and figure how we’re going to replace this.
I know a lot of people have it worse then this but in my head the gap seems to be closing every day….but we’ll soldier on!
For some good news,just read that my pal in North Dakota,Michelle,is getting ever so much closer to putting her house back in order after being flooded out last year. She and her family of 4 have been working hard to repair the incredible damage that the flood has caused. Another real warrior working very hard on her life.
And lastly,notice the Blogs that I follow on the right side of the page….if you have a blog and want to swap links,please drop me a comment letting me know and I’ll be happy to do so.
Well,thats all I got for now….going to get ready to see my dentist.

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