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Welcome once again to “8 Questions with…..”

I’m still in the middle of my run of the 50 plus artists who answered my call about being interviewed and I have to say I’m enjoying the blazes outta of it. Meeting and reading about hard working artists like Emily Pedone makes my day a lot brighter for it.
Emily is a Tampa,Florida based actress who is also balancing a full course load at the University of South Florida. Despite being away from the bright lights of Hollywood or New York,Emily still managed to land a part in a film that was being released in Great Britain.
At home either in the classroom,on stage or in front of a camera,Emily will fearlessly take on any new creative challenge. She is also a compassionate advocate of suicide prevention and has organized groups to address this issue. Caring for other folks ahead of one’s self,well we need a LOT more Emily Pedones in the world.
But for now,lets chat with the one and original Emily as she answers 8 Questions…..

Please introduce yourself and tell us a little about you.

My name is Emily Pedone and I’m a young actress from Florida. I started in theatre at a young age and even modeled for several years. Now I partially work in the legal field while finishing school and continuing to support my goals as a performer.


What made you decide to become an actress?
I’ve forever been intrigued by the concepts of storytelling. It can help you escape reality for a moment, or even teach you something about reality. That’s what led me to become an actress. I’ve been performing since grade school, and I can’t imagine doing anything else. I’m endlessly in love with creating.


What has been your favorite character to play so far and why?

   Years ago, I was in a production of Neil Simon’s The Good Doctor, a compilation of stories by the brilliant Anton Chekhov. For one act, I played a rather over-zealous dental assistant who was persistent on performing surgery on an unsuspecting patient. I loved getting to play a “crazy” character not as the conventional “crazy,” but instead as a harmless woman stuck in her hilariously wrong reality. Night after night, the crowd loved it. I’ve never had so much fun on stage.

How did you get cast in “Dead Ringer” and were you nervous your first day on set?

Dead Ringer is a British independent film, but they filmed part of it in my hometown of Clearwater, Florida. I was blessed enough to land a small role when they were in town. I hardly ever get nervous when on a set, but my scene focused on me in a bikini the entire time. It was definitely a bit nerve-wrecking to have so many cameras on me in only so little! 

What were the three biggest things you took from your experience shooting “Dead Ringer”?

The key to this industry is a large combination of opportunity, attitude, and fun! Any small or large part in any type of production can open so many doors for you, as I am still learning that this film has done for me. As for attitude, how you act off-screen is almost just as if not more important than how you act on-screen. People notice how seriously you handle a role, no matter what it is. They also notice how you treat those you work with. And lastly, fun: it’s so important to have FUN! When you’re filming for hours in ninety-degree weather, hungry, sweaty, and emotionally drained, it can be easy to get frustrated. But it only takes a second to remind yourself to have fun. After all, playing pretend really is the most fun job in the world!

 What three types of role would you want to play that would also challenge you as an actress?

Well, as an actress, I want to say that I want any type of role! It’s all about experiencing new things. However, I tend to gravitate toward dramas. I love a role that others would shy away from. So, I guess as far as three types of roles that I can think of, I’d have to say: someone who speaks a language other than English, a supernatural being, and woman in another era. 


How do you approach an audition and how do you handle yourself when you don’t get a role?

If I’ve previously been given character information, I approach the audition from a very analytical stance. I do a lot of character work, all the way down to what I think his/her astrological sign is! I want to show the director that I can authentically respond to any situation that the character is in. If the audition is a cold read, then I just make a lot of bold choices and try to bring something fresh to the table.         Being rejected is something every actor experiences and handles differently. Ultimately, when I audition for a project, I want it to do what’s best for it to succeed. Sometimes that’s not always me, and that’s okay! It also helps in certain situations to ask casting for constructive feedback, but that’s not always the case.

In your experience, what three traits must an actor have in order to survive and thrive in such a competitive industry?

An actor must – and I cannot stress this enough- must be confident in his/her own abilities. When you’re in tune with your own strengths and weaknesses, it eliminates your tendency to be bitter when auditioning for a role. This leads me to another important trait: a focus on the art itself. An actor is just a moving part in a big project. Your own success comes with the success of a project. You can’t be so self-absorbed that you lose sight of the main goal. And lastly, an actor must have a love for the art. That’s what keeps you going in an industry of constant uncertainty. 


What do you like to do on your down time in regards to causes, hobbies, activities?

I’m an avid mental health advocate. I run a suicide prevention group at the University of South Florida, as well as speak at events throughout the years. I’m also a writer and legal nerd, currently getting degrees in English and Political Science. I never have much free time, but when I do I go to as many concerts as possible! 


The cheetah and I are flying in to watch you perform in a play but we’re a day early. You are now are our tour guide,what are we doing?

Easy! We’d start with breakfast at the one-of-a-kind Oxford Exchange in downtown Tampa. Then I’d take you for a ghost tour of the historic and beautiful Tampa Theatre. Lastly, we’d be going to a Tampa Bay Lightning game. The team is phenomenal and the atmosphere is incredible. Go Bolts! 


I like to thank Emily for taking the time to chat with us,balancing both a full course load along with a budding career in acting is quite admirable to say the least. I’m wondering how the cheetah would fare on a hockey link and if Emily could teach me how to hockey fight……
To see what Emily has upcoming in the acting world,you can follow here via IMDb page.

You can follow Emily on her very active InstaGram page as well.

We still have a LOT more folks that we’ll be chatting with so hit that “Follow” button in the front of the blog and also drop a comment or two in the box below. Thank you for stopping by and reading me.

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