8 Questions with………actress/producer Alaine Huntington

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Welcome to a another edition of “8 Questions with……”.

We continue down our pathway of meeting and talking with some amazing talented people from all over. Today we are meeting actress Alaine Huntington who is based in New Orleans,Louisiana.

If there is one thing that really stood out in talking with Alaine – she is hard working and always quick to credit those who have helped her along her journey. Whether creating film festivals that will bring unknown film makers a viewing audience to sliding over to help a friend who is laboring to finish a film,Alaine is willing to roll up her sleeves to get the job done.
Always looking to improve her skill set,Alaine has studied martial arts but is also learning to produce her own projects. This had led her to having some impressive films including “Kickboxer: Vengeance” which starred Dave Bautista,Jean-Claude Van Damme and Gina Carano.
But of course the real reason I was pretty jazzed about chatting with Alaine? Any long time reader of this blog will instantly know as they read along and to the newcomers who may be find us for the first time….well,let’s say we love creature features and are always looking for them to review…
So come join the fun as we ask Alaine Huntington 8 Questions…….

 Please introduce yourself and tell us about your latest project/role.
Hey there, I’m Alaine Huntington, and my most recent role is in Gridiron Gospel, produced by Rydan Media. I am also working on creating two film festivals. One in Alabama and another in Louisiana in addition to producing a scholarship fundraiser to be held in New Orleans later this year. The performers are so amazing and inspirational, which include Daiquiri Rene Jones, Flash Mob New Orleans, etc and it is being hosted by Johnny Rock. 

When did you know you wanted to be a performer?
 I was walking down the street late at night, while on my way home, and a individual followed me slowly in his black sedan. I ran across the street to change directions, and he turned around to follow me. He stopped the car, and and got out. I knew I couldn’t outrun him. My heart was racing as I turned and told him I was a Broward County Sheriff’s Officer, walking up to the substation to check in. He replied that I was “too young” I asked if he was willing to take that chance? He got in his car and sped off.  I always wanted to create, whether it be photography, music, acting, drawing etc. but it was at that moment where I saw a life-saving value in acting. I never wanted to be a police officer, but acting saved me that night! I was 14 years old. 

 What was studying at the Moscow Art Theatre School like? Which subjects did you enjoy the most and what did take with you that has helped you in your career?

 I consider it an honor and a privilege to have learned from such world-renowned and skilled professionals. While working with MXAT professors, I enjoyed the Stanislavski based scene-study. The greatest thing I took away from it, was a sense of confidence in my choices as an actor and a professional.  I also enjoyed movement classes, no matter how many times I busted my butt attempting to do hand stands! I am also very grateful  to have studied with Lance Nichols and Jim Gleason .



What led you to move to Canada and how did you handle the culture shock?

 I went to Canada initially from Miami as a very young child, after Hurricane Andrew. I didn’t consider it much of a culture shock at all. I felt very accepted, loved, and cared for. Every time I go back to see family I am always impressed to see the environmental and social policies Canada is implementing. I think that there is a long way to go, but I am hopeful that political changes will move more towards a greater sense of awareness of societal and environmental impact. 


You have some very impressive producer credits,what does a producer actually do on a film/TV project? Whats the difference between a “producer” and an “executive producer”?

 I think that my producing mentor Dimitri Logothetis would be a better person to ask in regards to this question!  I was so incredibly blessed to have had some wonderful experiences on set, and I look forward to learning and growing more as a producer and creator of great content! 


You did an indie film called “Shark Exorcist”,how did you get involved in the film?

 It was rather serendipitous, during the shoot Donald lost his makeup artist, lead actor and sound professional. I showed up on set early, had cosmetology skills, and was willing to work as needed to make the shoot day go smoothly. It was a many year process to complete the film, and I am grateful it reached completion. Donald Farmer has also created Cannibal Cop as well as Hooker With A Hacksaw  out now, in addition to a new project in the works! I am thankful to have had a small influence in each project. 
    What were your biggest likes/dislikes from working on the movie?
 My greatest “likes” were definitely the cast and crew, we had so many unique individuals coming together to make this happen, they are ALL amazingly multi- talented and doing great things. Angela King Kerecz, Bobby Kerecz, Roni Jonah, Kaper Melted, Julia Contrenchis, Christy Moritz, and Lexi Nimmo, are all amazingly talented professionals and I am so blessed to have worked with them. 

What I “disliked” was how long it took to reach completion! A lot of fans were very anxious to see this project and I definitely want to make sure we gave them the respect they deserve! 

 Did you have a good craft table?

 Absolutely, as with many indie sets, we all look out for each other and make filming as smooth as possible.
 Do you feel a indie film cast and crew are more united then a big budget film?

  Larger budget film sets have department heads who help their respective professionals run cohesively within their department. On lower-budget non-union independent sets crew have a great opportunity to learn. Crew can wear many different hats, as needed to get the project completed. 


Since the Me Too movement has started,do you feel you are treated with more respect both as a woman and as an actress? Do you feel it will last or will old school Hollywood go back to its old ways?

 I have been fortunate to have not experienced any disrespect as such on a film set. I have definitely been through experiences where department heads were short, and to the point. I learned this from costume designer Bridget Fenlason: other departments are relying on us to do our job, in a fast-paced environment we can be polite, and quick, but we gotta get the job done! 

What is the biggest difference in working on a American set versus an Canadian set?

 I haven’t worked on a Canadian film set yet, although I am certainly willing to learn, and give what I can. 


What do you like about training in the martial arts?

A sense of building a foundation of balance. Sifu John Lewis  instructs and guides students to align mind, body, and spirit. I want to continue my studies as there is so much to learn. In addition, I have learned from other great instructors such as Matt Clanton with Act Tactical For Film based in Atlanta. Matt teaches students to establish respect for firearms and safety which is so vitally important when using guns on set.


What do you like doing in your down time in terms of social causes,hobbies and or relaxing?

I truly enjoy helping other filmmakers with their projects, learning about environmental impacts and human involvement, as well as assisting groups with outreach as it relates to prison reform, human rights, and etc. 


The cheetah and I are flying in to watch you star in “Shark Exorist 2: The Revenge” but we are a day early and you’re now our tour guide tour guide,what are we doing?


New Orleans is a beautiful and unique city . I would take you  to see the inside of the Saint Louis Cathedral, I mean… you ARE here for Shark Exorcist, after all! Go check out some art created by my friend Adelin Karius of, Junkyard Remedy Art who paints amazing pieces in Jackson Square! Head to City Park, take in an Art Exhibit.  After the sun goes down, check out the Mudlark Public Theatre, check out the river, and the amazing night views of the French Quarter. I will always encourage you to give to others, whether it be a to-go box, or a shirt you no longer need. Sharing is caring! 
I would like to thank Alaine for taking the time to chat with us and to let her know her “secret” is safe with us as well. She is quite charming and very fun and I had a great time putting this interview together.

To follow Alaine’s next move,you can keep track by visiting her IMDb page.

Alaine also has an InstaGram page that you can follow as well.

Lastly,we encourage you to buy a copy of “Shark Exorcist“!!

Thank you for your continued support!!! Leave us a comment below!

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