Have Cheetah,Will View #310 – “Doom Room” (2013)

Its 1:45 pm
Opening Day

The cheetah and I were in the mood for a good mystery movie this week,now we have plenty to choose from but only features the ultra cool icon of indie cinema,Debbie Rochon.  This turned out to be “Doom Room” which also was formerly known as “Nightmare Box”. Doom Room had a long and painful journey to see the light of home release and it wasn’t until Wild Eye Releasing picked up “Nightmare Box”,renamed it and then released it was its 6 year journey to be seen by the public was over.
Which is pretty sad because “Doom Room” is a very interesting film and quite clever.

A woman known as Jane Doe (Johanna Stanton) wakes up in a small room. She has no memories of who she is and how she got there. The room is dimly lit and looks more at home in a Alice In Wonderland book then not. Jane looks around the room but doesn’t recall anything but she sees a door. She attempts to get out but the door is sealed.

Jane explores the space and as she is getting more frustrated,a young woman pops up and she too,looks like a character straight from Alice In Wonderland. She bright,bubbly and not only she doesn’t knows Jane’s name (or does she) but also refuses to share her name as well
But now more guests arrive…a older man with broken glasses,he may be also a victim and is being held captive as well plus a man with blood all over….and for the first time,Jane gets a inkling she may know this person. Another guest is a woman who is not only blind but has skin growing over her eyes,she can’t see anything (or can she).

More guests show…..a medieval priest straight from the Dark Ages spouting hell and damnation along with a gothic woman who is dressed as some sort of bride….the room is filling up fast…

As each person pops up,Jane gets overhelmed and wakes up again and again with each of these people also popping up in some way or another. The bubbly girl only gets upset when she sees a married couple (Debbie Rochon,Matthew Tompkins),she is terrified of them and soon Jane finds out why.  But with Jane’s continuing black outs and faces popping up and then out,she is having a hard time gaining any traction on solving the mystery of what is happening to her….

Wild Eye

First off,”Doom Room” has to be praised for its very creative set design. Working on a very small budget,set designer Eric Whitney has come up with a set that looks like it belongs on a stage. The truth of the matter,so does “Doom Room” because of the lack of movement among the characters. By keeping the whole film straight in front of the viewer,it does help focus your attention on exactly what has happened to Jane,while there are no shocking moments,that works as well as the slow burn and slowly unwrapping of the puzzle is where “Doom Room” gets it thrills and also its hope.

Co-writer/director Jon Keeyes and writer Carl Kirshner have crafted a dark tale with slivers of light and the cast,led by Stanton,Rochon and Nicholas Ball all did a fine job.
I have read different reviewers commenting that the acting was a little too theatrical but that is exactly how Doom Room should feel….slightly over the top and dark fantasy driven.


“Doom Room” is rated “R” and has a run time of 92 minutes. Special features include a Making Of…..featurette and cast and crew interviews.  You can buy a copy of “Doom Room” by going to the website of Wild Eye Releasing.

“Doom Room” won’t be for everyone but for the cheetah and myself,we gave it a thumb/paw straight up.

What has been the last film that has pleasantly surprised you? Drop a comment below and let the cheetah and I in on it!! Maybe we’ll even review it……


6 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #310 – “Doom Room” (2013)

  1. It sounds like Murder on the Orient Express meets Saw!

    Coincidentally, my office just put out a memo that there’s an Escape Room down the street and we could all go there together if that interests anyone.
    Who in their right mind would want to be stuck in a small room with all their office coworkers when they’re not at the office??!!

    As for movies: I was pleasantly surprised by Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse. Great animation. Lots of fun!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I heard those Escape Rooms are so much fun! You should do it and write a blog about it because I would love to read your POV!

      Waiting for Spiderverse to drop in price,I’m waiting for a pair IFC titles to go sale soon.

      Have you ever watched any of the DCAU movies? They are all so good…


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