Have Cheetah,Will View #311 – “The Slider” (2015)

Its 10:00 am

Fresh off the dark take of “Doom Room”,I suggested to the cheetah we watch something a little lighter this time out and he agreed. I suggest we watch “The Slider” which not only stars Ieva Lykos whom we just interviewed but also Bruce Davison who has started to become a regular face in the films we reviewed. We went into this one blindly and hoping for the best.

Michael (Vin Bejleri) is a troubled man. He works full-time at a small rural hospital as a janitor and takes care of his very depressed wife Ester (Ieva Lykos) who is suffering postpartum syndrome from the loss of their son.
Michael is doing his best but on his meager salary,he can’t afford the medical care his wife needs. He has resorted to buying anti-depression pills from a male nurse Walter (Tom Sizemore). The fact Michael is needing more meds puts a strain on his friendship with Walter as he is asking for them in front of patients.
Every night Michael comes home and does his best to take care of Ester but the cracks in Michael’s own mind start cracking when he discovers Ester has urinated in bed and has laid in it all day.

We then slide over to watch two police detectives,Inspector Wiesel (Bruce Davison) and his partner Goro (Hal Yamanouchi) are investigating a murder and they think they have their man…..we then find them questioning Michael about.
Back to Michael’s life we go…..after yet another fruitless day in trying to get Ester out of the bed,Michael starts sliding into the deep water,not only is wife in trouble so is he.
When Michael hears about a dead week old baby left behind by its parents,he begins to formulate a plan to set things right at home….
But how can he keep Ester on a even keel when his friend Walter was fired for stealing drugs,drugs that Michael badly needs….and how does one go about stealing a dead baby,only a insane person would do such a thing,right???


First off,this is NOT a horror film. “The Slider” in parts,almost comes across as a docudrama. While we do hear about postpartum depression in mothers,rarely do we read about how it affects fathers as well. I found myself sympathizing with Michael as he is really trying to hold his life together and I thought the twist at the end was very effective as well.
I enjoyed the international flavor of the cast well,seeing new faces like Lykos and Bejleri is always a plus for me,I like discovering new talent. Bejleri is without a doubt,the star of the film and he is very good as the troubled Michael. His performance and reactions to what is happening to him ring completely true….and he holds his own in key scenes with Sizemore and Davison.

But there are bumps as well and the main thing is “The Slider” was very low budget and its clearly plain that it was shot in Eastern Europe. The set design is pretty spartan and that in of itself leads to a massive plot hole and you know I have to call it like I see it.
I’m sorry but no hospital is going to leave a corpse in a empty room with just a blanket over it. Do you know how completely smelly and decomposed a body would be? Its completely unthinkable that this would happen and while it almost ruined the movie for me,I know it was also that filmmakers didn’t have access to a real morgue. But still…
Daryl Hannah has a completely throwaway role here,she has two scenes and she is gone. and Lykos didn’t get nearly enough dialogue as Ester. Ester is depressed,not mute and I think more interaction between she and Michael were needed.  I think director Carlos Fusco did the best he could with the limited budget he had to work with. He just needed a much better script and set designer….
“The Slider” is rated “R” and has a fast run time of 76 minutes. The subject matter isn’t for everyone and this a very dark film.

We were split on this one,we liked the cast but that plot hole and poor set design takes the steam out of “The Slider”.

I gave it a thumbs up while the cheetah went “Pffft”.

2 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #311 – “The Slider” (2015)

  1. Yeah, too bad they didn’t have more $$ to work with. It sounds like it had just a few minor problems that $$ would easily have fixed, including more time to work on the script and flesh out the wife’s role.

    I remember when Tom Sizemore had a reality TV show for a while. He was going to rehab and trying to get his life together and he said something like, “Am I…the best actor of my generation?” Like he was musing out loud about his genius. It was a really weird moment. I think he actually is pretty good and might have been great if he hadn’t deviated down dark paths. Same with Rutger Hauer whom I’ve always liked and whose career was terribly sidetracked by alcoholism, I believe.

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    1. Tom Sizemore did that reality show “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew Pinksy” and could have been one of the great character actors if not for his addictions.
      Never heard anything about Rutger Hauer having drinking issues..he is one of my favorites as well…..I’m always keeping a lookout for “Soldier Of Orange”…he is an extraordinary good actor in my opinion.
      I think “The Slider” could have been saved with a tweaked script and hiring a set designer. But it was a good effort to address a tough topic.

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