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Have Cheetah,Will View #319 – “The Snarling” (2018)

Its 5:10 pm

The cheetah and I were still in “creature feature” mode after watching “The Black Scorpion”. I suggested we watched “The Snarling” which was sent to us by our pals at Wild Eye.  I mean the cover looked completely bad ass and we have reviewed werewolves films before so,fire up the popcorn already,right?

Yeah,well not so fast…..because “The Snarling” had the cheetah snarling at ME!!!
As in “what the hell are we watchig,dude”? I hung my head in shame as the cheetah slinked off and headed upstairs.
From what I gathered about the “The Snarling”….two different films crews from the same company are attacked by werewolves. The crews try and finish their movies despite several crew members ending up dead as well as many different other people.
An inept lead detective and his sidekick sargent are trying to solve the mystery. The film crew of the newest movie is running short of crew so three locals are hired on with one of the locals being a lookalike of the lead actor. Since the lead actor is a asshole,the film crew subs in the local to take his place and hilarious hi-jinks ensure….

This is supposed to be a horror comedy,the only comedy to be found is just how bloody terrible this movie is. Other then a homage to “An American Werewolf In London” which isn’t shocking being how “The Snarling” is a UK film,there isn’t anything to recommend about this movie. There is zero budget,no set design to speak and the lighting is so piss poor,it looks like the whole film was shot through a sheet of yellow plastic,its dull and dreary to say the least.

Normally I would be telling you ONE positive thing about each film we review but I honestly can’t think of anything but the cover of the DVD….because the BACK of it looks like cheetahpoo as well…..
I’m sorry but Wild Eye struck out with “The Snarling”,easily one of the worst films of 2019. Avoid this one and get “House of Salem” instead.

Wild Eye

“The Snarling” is 83 long ass minutes long and it has no special features.
I gave “The Snarling” a flea collar and a rabies shot……


Drop a comment if you have seen “The Snarling” and share your opinion.



20 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #319 – “The Snarling” (2018)

    • I agree…..its always hit and miss with me as well.
      Been pleasantly surprised as I was with “Doom Room” and “House of Salem” and “Heidi” was really,really creepy in a good way. You get excited and then you get “The Snarling” which is god awful……I find A24 to also be a “hit or miss” thing for me as well….IFC and Well-Go USA are pretty my top notch all the time.


  1. Yikes. Sounds terrible, Michael. You’d hope there was something redeemable–like over the top camp, flourishes of satire, interesting color palate, tongue in cheek acting…Something.
    Have you seen “Motel Hell”? I like that one. It makes me laugh. I’ve thought about writing a post about it. I like “Them” too; and “The Bride of Chucky”.
    Oh yeah…got that package in the mail to you. Socks and some DVDs. Let me know that you got it.

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    • I am looking for a copy of Motel Hell on my hunting outings but still have come up empty.
      Its sort of weird but I haven’t really watched a lot of horror this year….only 16 of the 84 films we have watched have been what you call horror.

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        • i watch a lot of IFC/IFC Midnight for those and really enjoy them quite a bit. I wasn’t shocked at how well”Get Out” did. Peele loves horror and even on “Key & Peele” it showed.
          I do favor smart horror over slashers everyday,all day….slow burns that can deliver are the best!!

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          • Mmmm…I agree, Partly. I like psychological horror a lot, as long as it doesn’t go into the occult. I don’t get into that. At all.
            But I like a good slasher film too. It’s cathartic for me–and thrilling. A good slasher is like a roller coaster ride. There are just so few good slasher films. The genera lends itself to poor filmmaking, though the psychology behind slashers is pretty sophisticated.
            Well, Michael, I’ve got to turn in.
            Watch the mail.

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            • And wouldn’t you know it….I found three new IFC/IFC titles today and ironically,one’s a slasher film called “Maniac” with Elijah Wood and the other is a occult based one called “Welcome to Mercy”. I’m going to let the cheetah pick what we watch.

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              • I hope Paladin goes with Maniac, if it’s not a Midnight Meat Train like slasher. But Midnight Meat Train’s not really a slasher. It’s more exploitation/grunge horror. I hated that film. I don’t get into extreme violence. You know, Hostel and the like. I think that stuff is trash. But yeah, if you find Motel Hell, watch it again. It’s so over the top it’s comical and it’s that way by design.

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                • “Maniac” is based on the classic 80s slasher which of itself was based on the infamous “Son of Sam” case of 1977 in New York City. I’m sure this version is FAR more tame as it does feature a pretty well known “name” actor. The rules for a great horror film:

                  Rated “R”
                  Not made by a major studio
                  Can’t have A List actors

                  R rated horror is actually getting harder to find in terms of major releases which is why the buzz is always bright for it. All the indie horror is straight to video these days.
                  I’m heading to my library tomorrow,if I find Motel Hell,that is where it will be.

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                  • Cool…It’s not horror, but have you seen The Gift (2015)? It’s a psychological thriller. Great movie. Jason Bateman’s in it. It’s Indie, I think. 5 million budget–made 50 million. I highly recommend it.

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                    • I saw “The Gift” but the one with Cate Blanchett in it….that was an amazing movie. I heard of the other one….that it too,was pretty strong. I’ll keep my eye out….Bateman is good if he has a strong director who can tamper down his snarky performance that he sometimes locks into too.

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                    • Astute observation of Bateman. That sums up his tendencies to a T. He was very good in this movie. The whole cast was amazing. The director also stars. Apparently he’s a big deal actor in Australia. The cast is largely Australian. If I get my hands on a copy, I’ll send it to you.

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                    • Wow,thank you so much!! That would be amazing…..I thought Bateman was good in “Bad Words” and “Hancock”,way toned down and he was likeable as well….I wonder if he and Ryan Reynolds are not twins because they both act the same way.

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                    • Ha! True, about Reynolds. I liked Bad Words a lot. I thought it was very funny. I watched it again the other night–my second time to see it–and I was as impressed with it, but I still think it’s an underrated film. Yes, Bateman was very good in it. It was a perfect vehicle for him.

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