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Have Cheetah,Will View #320 – “That’s Opportunity Knocking” (2016)

Its 1:01 pm

What do you get when you cross two house robbers with a pair of amorous roommates
and a sleepy suicidal roommate who just got out of a mental hospital after a two month stay….under one roof?
Normally one would see a complete perfect storm of a disaster just waiting to happen but for our group,That’s Opportunity Knocking…and she isn’t the normal guest.
In writer/director Charles Pelletier’s sharp comedy,not everyone is what they appear to be and what starts out as broad comedy mixes in some interesting social commentary along the way…

Rob (Satchel Andre) and Merit (Moronai Kanekoa) are two pretty sharp guys who despite being highly educated,are struggling to make ends meet. They decide to rob a house and after stealing a purse from a club,are headed there to take advantage of what should be a empty home.
The two men are talking about how the top 1% of Americans in terms of wealth control 50% of the country. Rob and Merit enter the house and start taking anything they can get their hands on….they make fun of the owner’s CDs and of each other for what they brought to stash their loot into.

Suddenly a key enters the door and in comes a young man and a slightly older woman.
Tim (Thomas Anawait) and Chelsea (Charlotte Gulezian) are roommates and have come home from the club where Tim’s band has been playing. He and Chelsea are doing a lot of flirting,they both are attracted to each other but Chelsea isn’t quite sure hooking up as roomies is a good idea. After all,she slept with Wally and he tried to kill himself…..
She goes to change and drops a hint that she may be in the mood after all….Tim is excited until he sees the suitcase that the robbers have brought. But he when asks Chelsea,she says it may be Wally’s,the third roommate…who just got back from a two month stay in the mental hospital.  Tim peeks in Wally’s room and sure enough,Wally (C. Stephen Foster) is sleeping away,Tim knows that any romance may not happen so he covers the suitcase….

Our two robbers are hiding in the bathroom and while Rob wants to go and get what they came for,Merit wants to wait until the couple falls asleep.
Tim convinces Chelsea that the coast is clear and they head into her bedroom.
Merit and Rob,hearing the two lovers going at it,take the opportunity to clean house but when Wally wakes up and stumbles out of his room and sees two robbers AND hearing his roommates go at it…..a light bulb goes off in his head as Wally starts talking…and Merit and Rob start listening……..

At just a shade under 22 minutes,”That’s Opportunity Knocking” both plays as a short film or possibly a TV pilot. Pelletier gives his story and his fine cast plenty of space in order to shine.  Watching each character evolve in such a short time speaks volume of the script,Merit goes from wanting Rob to use his gun to openly rob Tim and Chelsea to ending up listening to befriending Wally….while Rob goes from “wuss” to coming across as James Cagney (and befriendling Wally).
Wally goes from being an afterthought to his two roommates to joining Rob and Merit on a new journey…All the actors are strong here,especially Foster,Kanekoa and Andre,their chemistry was the glue that really makes this comedy work.
While “Opportunity” was filmed back in 2016,one hopes that Pelletier can somehow gather his cast together again for an another peek at how Merit,Rob and Wally are doing.

The cheetah and I gave “That’s Opportunity Knocking” a thumb/paw straight up.
I have to say that the short films we have reviewed this year have been just outstanding.

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