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Welcome to a another edition of “8 Questions with……”

Atlanta in the past 15-20 years has become what many have called “Hollywood of the South”. So many different TV shows and movies are now shot in and near Atlanta.
What a better place to pursue a professional acting career then in Atlanta,right?
Our next guest,Eric James Morris is twice fortunate,not only is he a native but he is also a working actor with over 25 credits and growing on his resume.
Like so many of the artists we talk with,Eric not only balances his career and his family life but he also runs a thriving business as well. It makes for a full plate as scripts and film schedules mix in with date nights and guiding two sons as well. It takes a dedicated soul to balance such an extraordinary life and still answer 8 Questions……Eric,we salute you and your drive!!




Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about you.

My name is Eric James Morris. I am based in Atlanta GA, and I am one of the few Atlanta native actors that are actually born and raised here. I have a wife, two sons, and a retired greyhound named Tucker that can be quite a PITA however we still love him. I am also an entrepreneur and business owner of Morris Environmental Inc where we primarily focus on waterproofing services for both commercial and residential properties. I enjoy mountain biking, hiking with my dog, and visiting the local theater every week to catch newly released films with my wife.


When the acting bug strike you and what steps did you take in becoming a actor.

I started pursuing acting a little over three years ago. I have always been involved in entertainment, as I am also a musician. I play guitar and sing solo acoustic covers, and I used to do it every weekend at any establishment I could convince them to let me perform, lol. When I was a teenager we had a heavy/punk band and we used to really piss the neighbors off.. but we didn’t mean to as we were just having way too much fun. I have always thought how cool it would be to become a working actor, but life got in the way and I didn’t really know where to start. Much later in life, my son wanted to try acting. We got him set up with classes, and started doing background work. My wife or myself would have to be on set with him as he was a minor. One night we were on set for an independent film, and much of the background talent did not show up as the weather was intense with rain and thunderstorms. The director asked if we would fill in the scene so we did. Later that evening the director asked if I was an actor, and told me I should be as he thought I had an “important” look. That has always stood out in my mind, as I still don’t really know what he meant but I took it as a compliment. I thought about what he said for a good while and decided I would give it a go. I started doing background work, and training consistently. I have never looked back. My son didn’t stay with the pursuit of acting, as sports really got in the way and took up most of his time. I also think he saw just how difficult this business can be.


How do you mentally prepare for an audition and how you handle the failure in not getting the part?

I prepare for auditions by envisioning the scene based on what information is available in the script. I will make a choice on how to deliver the character based off what I think fits best. Most of the time you have very little back story about the character and their motive, so you have to fill it in with your choices and bring them to life. Auditioning and not booking can get old, but you must remind yourself that being asked to audition is quite an achievement, as casting directors see so many submissions for every role that actually being selected to audition is the real win. Also, after you have delivered your audition with your chosen choices about the character, you must completely forget about it. The chances of you booking are very slim, so you have to know that going into it. Most seasoned actors practice what we like to call “audition amnesia” which means forget about it. You can drive yourself nuts wondering and hoping your going to book the role. Its tough to do, but it is something that you absolutely must get used to.


Have you ever done live theater and if so,how did you enjoy the experience?

I have never done live theatre. I keep saying that one day I am going to give it a try as it would be a unique challenge for me given the many differences in theatre vs film.


Why should actors do short films instead of holding out for bigger parts?

Actors should stay busy acting. If that means taking short film roles, student projects, indie films, or whatever it really helps you sharpen your tools as an actor. Every role I have taken I have always learned something new, and any opportunity that you get to try a different character from what you normally play is always a great learning experience. Holding out for bigger roles is a mistake, as they do not come often. Being ready for them by staying busy acting is the best choice an actor can make.


You appeared on the reboot of “McGyver”,what were three things you took away from the experience?

Three things I took away from the MacGyver appearance would be A. That an expensive film set is not much different from small indie film sets, just more expensive tools are present. Directors are just people like you and me. They can overlook things sometimes so having a voice to assist is always a good choice. C. Do not let the expensive set, background talent, and name talent intimidate you. They are just people like you, doing their job.


What are the three biggest joys you get out of being a actor and three things you strive to improve on?

The three biggest joys I get out of acting are A. I enjoy being another character other than myself. I find it to be very rewarding and helps me appreciate who I truly am. B. Making an audience feel something from my performance is the main goal. I love to be able to do that, no matter what emotion they feel I am just happy to make them feel something. C. Film is forever. It is nice knowing that my great grandkids (if I ever have them, lol) can always look back at my film work and watch me as if I were frozen in that time. I strive to improve upon my ability to connect with other actors, deliver solid and believable performances, and pursue for more dramatic roles as I need to improve upon these types of characters.


Do you feel Hollywood contributes to this country’s gun culture?

I personally do not feel that Hollywood contributes to our gun culture. I believe that America has always had a strong gun culture given that it is written in our constitution to have them. Americans love their guns!

What three actresses would you want to perform a romantic scene with and why?

This is a tough question! LOL There are so many. I would first say Sandra Bullock as I always thought she had this natural beauty, and she looks like the type of woman I would naturally connect with. Second would be Alanis Morissette as she is just a beautiful woman. Always had a “thing” for her! Love her music too btw. Third I would say Nicole Kidman, as her eyes are so intriguing, and I feel that her awesome ability to engage the audience would automatically make me look like a pro.


What has been the three most important pieces of advice you have been given regarding your craft?

The most important pieces advice I have gotten as an actor is that you know your type of character and sell it. This helps with getting cast in future roles as you become known as “that guy” for the type of role you do best. Second would be is to always feel confident about your abilities as an actor. You must believe in yourself, because if you don’t then why should anyone else? Third piece of advice that I will never forget is when you are on camera, do not care what anyone else on set thinks about you or your performance. Do not hold back, as you are selling truth. You will drive yourself insane trying to please everyone. Remember acting is subjective, meaning some people are just not going to like you, so accept it.


What do you like to do in your down time in terms of hobbies,causes,having fun?

As I mentioned earlier, I enjoy mountain biking. So much so, I might give xc racing a try sometime in the near future. I also enjoy hiking with my wife and dog, as it is good for my soul and mind. Helps to create new focus within myself. I also enjoy working out at the gym when I can, as it helps to alleviate stress and worry. I injured my left rotator cuff pretty bad about 6 months ago, so I focus on legs and very light upper body in hopes of it healing one of these days. It seems to slowly be getting better. I also still play guitar and sing occasionally at home. I do have a festival to perform at in a couple weeks though so I am looking forward to that.

The cheetah and I are flying in to watch you perform but we are a day early and now
you’re our tour guide,what are we doing?

Well, I guess it would really depend on what you and Cheetah were into, but I would probably suggest that we go checkout some cool local hiking spots on the nearby Chattahoochee river. Or go to some waterfall hiking spots close by, which include some of north Georgia’s coolest features like Amicalola Falls, Desoto Falls, or just go checkout Helen GA. It is a unique small town done up with a Bavarian décor. Afterwards we would maybe grab some dinner at my favorite local restaurant Twisted Taco where you can sit out on the porch overlooking a small peaceful pond and enjoy the best grouper tacos you’ve ever had, and then go catch a movie to delve into someone else’s creativity and support our current filmmakers contributions. I love our local movie theater as it is very clean, has reclining seats, and is never too crowded. Hope to see you guys in GA sometime.


I like to thank Eric for taking time off his busy schedule in order to chat with us and answer slightly more then 8 Questions. That Twisted Taco sounds like a pretty great place to eat,doesn’t it?
To keep track of Eric and his rising career,there are various ways for you to keep track of him so when you do see him,you can causally point at the screen and say “I knew he was going to break big” and impress your friends.

You can join Eric’s Facebook acting page.

You can currently see what he is working now and in the future on
Eric’s IMDb page.

You also can join Eric’s growing InstaGram page.

If you’re in Atlanta and need your basement/Crawlspace
waterproofed,you can check out Eric’s company here.

Feel free to drop a comment or question for Eric or just say “hello”.
As always,thank you for supporting us.

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