Have Cheetah,Will View #322 – “Super Friends – Season 6” (1981)

Its 6:45 pm

One of the perks of living near three Dollar Tree stores is when they have their huge sales on DVDs and BluRays,there is always something that isn’t sold elsewhere. Each store gets a different assortment of titles which makes the hunting all that more fun.
So when I found a copy of “Superfriends -Season 6” over in Westland…that really was pretty awesome.

Superfriends was a animated show that ran from 1973 to 1986 and was produced by Hanna-Barbera. While the show is based on DC Comics “Justice League“,Hanna-Barbera decided to call the show “Superfriends” and used six different titles during its run,including “Superfriends” twice…when it started in 1973-74 and then again 1980-83.
The show went through many format changes,from a heavy 1960s style of the Justice League fighting kaijus,aliens and mad scientists to fighting traditional DC Comic supervillains.

Adventures ranged from self contained 30 minute adventures to two shorter segments and by season 6 rolled in,Hanna Barbera had decided to once again go back to the 60s and cram three stories within the 30 minute episode.
The Justice League core members that were featured were Superman,Wonder Woman,Aquaman and Batman & Robin. In a effort to create a more diverse and international appeal to the show,new characters were created – El Dorado from Mexico,Samurai from Japan as well as Black Vulcan and Apache Chief.

Where as the earlier episodes featured Marvin,Wendy and Wonder Dog,Season Six saw the Wonder Twins,Zan and Jayna along with their space monkey Gleep aid our core heroes the best they could.
The stories were very simple,there would be a incident and then various League members to rally to take down the bad guys,all within 6 minutes that each story was allotted.  This is the same format that Hanna-Barbera used in their shows like The Herculoids and Space Ghost. While that worked in the 60s,by 1981 the writing for animated cartoons was leaps and bounds better and the 3 segments come across as obsolete. The quality of animation here is still so-so but was considered pretty good by the standards of the day.

The voice acting is decent as well for the most part with Casey Kasem’s Robin being the most recognized voice. Other well known names featured were Frank Welker,Mike Road,Donny Dark,Peter Cullen,Shannon Farnon and Olan Soule.
Of course the series most famous voice,that of the narrator,was done by the great Ted Knight who really seemed to get into his role. Not surprising,Knight was a huge fan of comics and cartoons.

This season as well as all other seasons are now distributed by Warner Brothers. I don’t know if WB struck a deal with Dollar Tree to move units of its older titles as a way to introduce younger viewers to older cartoons or if these came via different route. All I know is I was glad to watch a season of a show I cut my fanboy teeth on.


Superfriends -Season Six contains 18 stories on six episodes (yep,the season was only 6 episodes long). There are no extra features on this release.

The cheetah and I gave this release a thumb/paw straight up.

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