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Have Cheetah,Will View #324 – “Kevin Smith: Silent But Deadly” (2018)

Its 11:00 pm

My local video store a “flash sale” this past weekend and I happened to walk in not knowing it was going on. A flash sale allows the store’s manager to create shelf space by pricing slow moving videos so cheaply that they’ll fly out the store and new merch can be added. When a flash sale is done right,you can find some incredible deals but this was a tiny one and the selection was pretty “meh”. The only thing I found was a Kevin Smith stand-up concert film.
Now normally I would have passed on this as I’m not the biggest Kevin Smith fan (Dogma was his best film,IMO) this release was different….

On 25 Feb 2018,Kevin Smith did his stand -up set at a theater in Glendale,Calif. His set was about 90 minutes long and after he was done he went backstage where he then had a massive heart attack. The type of heart attack he had is called a widow maker and very few survive it even with instant medical help.
But Kevin Smith,after surgery,did recover and is alive and well today. It just so happened on the day of the heart attack,that his set was being filmed for a concert film.
There are terms in the world of stand-up comedy that describe how well a performer is doing,”I just killed it” means a comic has done very well and the crowd was into the comic. “I’m dying up here” or “I bombed” indicates a harsh crowd who doesn’t think the comic is funny and isn’t into the routine.
So while Kevin Smith almost died backstage,on stage his set was actually pretty funny if not crude and crass. For the most part I thought “Silent But Deadly” was funny except for the graphic details of his sex life with his wife. I felt that was far too personal and just didn’t think that Kevin needed to draw upon that for laughs.
Other solid bits saw Smith discussing his directing various episodes of “The Flash” and “Supergirl” and candidly admitting he was basically a director in name only,the crew pretty much already knew what to do and that Smith’s biggest job was getting burgers for 3 late night shoots. But HOW he got the gig is a pretty cool story and will make “Jay and Silent Bob” fans pretty happy….
The highlight for us was the last bit where Kevin and Bruce Willis,who had a very public falling out during the filming of “Cop Out”,had a pleasant 20 minute phone that Kevin talks about. I think you’ll hear how amazed that Willis actually called him but that he kept Kevin’s phone number. One gets the impression that Kevin would like to restore some kind of friendship with Bruce and I wondered if it happened while Smith recovered from his heart attack.
All in all this isn’t a bad film,while Smith isn’t a natural stand-up comic,he can weave a good story and can get a audience to follow him.

This concert film is 90 minutes long and is very profane. It has no special features.
You can get a copy by going to the Comedy Dynamics website.
The cheetah and I gave “Silent But Deadly” a thumbs/paw straight up.

Are you a Kevin Smith fan? If so,what film that he has starred in or directed is your favorite?


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