We got goodies aka Unboxing #2!!

Its 9:47 pm

Its been well over a year since the cheetah and I received our random box of movies from our friend Lon Lopez. While this is a popular thing to do with YouTube people,we old fashioned bloggers,meaning me,rarely get goodie boxes. So when my friend Pam from All Things Thriller mentioned she was sending Paladin and I a box,well….we got pretty excited. That is the fun of getting a box from readers,they know you’ll totally be happy getting it and they would be right.
Well today our box came in the mail and with one mighty swipe of his paw,Paladin had the box open….inside were two packages of socks (more on that soon) and a bunch of DVDs,BluRays and even a couple of old VHS tapes!! Now while I don’t have a VHS player,the cheetah and I are going to keep the ones we got today…because you just never know when we might get one.

I’m going to list the films that we got but instead of posting pictures of the cases,we’re going to link the films to their IMDb pages in case you want to take a peek.


The first tape is the classic “Mad Max” which starred a young Mel Gibson who would go on to breakout in the sequel “The Road Warrior”.

The second film was a early Hitchcock classic from 1938- “The Lady Vanishes“.
Last year I managed to find copies of “Psycho” and “Lifeboat” during my hunting adventures. Finding Hitchcock films in the wild is becoming rare with even “Psycho” not being seen very much.


Zombie Hunter – Never heard of this one but Paladin got excited to see our old pal Danny Trejo on the cover,he is well loved here at “Have Cheetah,Will View”. I got excited when I saw that Well Go USA was the company that released this. After IFC/IFC Midnight,Well GO USA may be my favorite film distributor.

Last Exit To Brooklyn – Never have watched this one but remember the poster of Jennifer Jason Leigh. Its supposed to be a gritty 1950s picture full of drama. Stephen Baldwin is also featured in this one.

Christiane F. – Another film I have heard of but never had a chance to watch.  I know the story and know its a sad story of a young German girl who becomes a heroin addict. First released in 1981,its troubling to see 38 years later we still haven’t stopped heroin in its tracks.

We weren’t too surprised to see a collection of gangster films as Pam enjoys a good noir and has written many a blog about shady figures doing questionable deeds.
This collection included the following films:

The Funeral – I actually saw this film at the Camera Theaters in San Jose. This is a weird one if I remember…..

The Last Days of Frankie the Fly – No clue other then Daryl Hannah and Dennis Hopper are in the cast.

Youngest Godfather – Despite the generic title,this one looks solid with a strong cast including Edward James Olmos.

The Immortals – This is the movie that caught our eye,it sounds like a gangster meets SAW type of mystery and it too features a strong cast led by Tony Curtis and Chris Rock.

West of Memphis – A documentary  featuring the fight to overturn a wrongful conviction of three teens of three murders they spent 18 years in jail over and were facing the death penalty.

In the wake of our second Round Table,Pam sent us a lovely boxed set of “The Twilight Zone: Fan Favorites” which includes 19 episodes that much loved. As I didn’t own any Twilight Zone seasons,this really made me happy to get. Amazing!


The Counselor – I remember the buzz behind this film prior to its release,it was one of the most looked forward to films of 2013 but upon its release,not too many people went and watched it. Those who did either loved it or hated it. Pam said she liked it and wants to know what the cheetah and I think…..well we’re Magneto fans so that will help,right?

Honeymoon In Vegas – Nicolas Cage and Sarah Jessica Parker in a rom-com set in Vegas.
Don’t know anything about this one….will we get a grounded Cage or a drunken over-the-top Cage?

House at the End of the Street– Don’t know anything about this one either other then it has Jennifer Lawrence in it and she looks slightly crazed on the cover. Little known fact:
We watch “The Hunger Games” at least once a year.

Krampus – The cheetah and I have watched this one!!! This is a very interesting movie and we enjoyed it quite a bit. I have this on DVD so this will be a nice upgrade. And can we all agree that Toni Collette is a top three scream queen???

SPY – And the cheetah and I laughed our asses off watching Melissa McCarthy in one of her funnier roles before she sort of fell off the tracks. Spy is sassy and witty and the entire cast gets a chance to crack wise in spoofing spy movies.

Well that is it…..I can’t thank Pam enough for such a lovely box of goodies.
There are a lot of films that look very interesting to say the least and the cheetah has grabbed “Zombie Hunter” and headed downstairs.

If you want to surprise us too…..we’ll take anything you care to send us. (except for torture porn and adult movies). We thank you for your support….

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