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Have Cheetah,Will View #329 – “The Lotschberg Railway” (2010)

Its 9:36 pm

I got a chance to visit our local Disc Replay about 10 days ago and I was in the 1.11 section looking for some hidden gems. Once in a while you’ll find some fine documentaries hidden among all the common titles and these are what I first look for when I get a chance.

I picked this old documentary because I really enjoy watching trains as a whole. While trains here in the United States always seem to be in a bit of struggle in terms of passenger travel,its still considered a major mode of transportation in Europe.The Lotschberg Railway is a Swiss based line that is run by the BLS AG ,a new railway company that was formed in 2006 by merging two different railway groups.

This video was produced back in the late 1980s and was released in 2010 by a defunct company called Arts Magic. The hour long film shows the different trains that use the Lotschberg Railway and the various stations and tourist sites that can be visited.
The railway is used for all aspects of rail travel….freight,commuter and tourism and the different trains are shown doing what they are designed for and that includes ferrying cars for commuters which was rather cool to see.

The jewel of the Lotschberg Railway is the massive tunnel that took over 6 years to build and had to be rebuilt after a tragic accident killed over 25 workers when it was flooded. The tunnel was built to completion back in 1913.
This video comes with a voice over narrator who explains how the railway came into being and the history of the line up into the late 1980s. You can also type in Lotschberg Railway on YouTube and see many railfan videos on the line as well.

Even though this video is outdated,its still worth picking up for the history of the Lotschberg Railway. This video is 61 minutes long and I included it in the three video clips above.
You can also read the cheetah and my first train documentary review by going here.

2 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #329 – “The Lotschberg Railway” (2010)

  1. That tunnel is amazing isn’t it? I like trains too. I like walking the tracks. I don’t know why…I haven’t walked train tracks in a very long time and I don’t intend to. Of course it’s extremely dangerous. My husband and I would walk them now and then about 30 yrs. ago. Yeah, I know, back in the D-A-Y. We’d be hiking and run onto train tracks and we’d get off the path and onto the tracks…Weird.

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