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Welcome to another edition of “8 Questions with…….”

I admire and respect strong women and I always have. From my mother Anna who was a surgical nurse to my Lori Ann,I have always been attracted to women who know what they want in life and are comfortable in their own skins.
In doing this interview series I feel for the most part that I have really been so lucky to have met a lot of supremely talented and hard working women. They have come from all over the world and are young and older,learning and wise,multi-ethnic and independent.
So you know I was pretty excited to have a chance to meet Mia Scozzafave. Originally from Brazil,she has moved to Los Angeles and is making a name for herself rather quickly. She has a wicked sense of humor,isn’t afraid of new challenges and overcoming barriers to get where she wants to go. And yes,she is drop dead beautiful….but not afraid of sitting in a makeup chair for hours for a role.
Mia will be dropping quite a few films in the near future and you’ll get a chance to see just how good this young lady is. And we are hoping for that cheetah sidekick role…..
But for now,let’s meet Mia and ask her 8 Questions….



Please introduce yourself and tell about the current project you are working on.

I’m a Brazilian actress living in the USA currently working in 4 different movie projects, and 4 others in post production. In 2018, I felt it was time to get fully committed with my acting career, so I started looking for castings and auditions. Right off the bat, I was booked in two films at the same day of audition (The Benevolent and The Oath) and I felt beyond amazed like no other feeling.

I saw this as a sign that I should keep pursuing this passion. After that I booked “Cyborg: The Rise of the Flesh Eaters”, “The Attack of the Unknown” and “Harlee’s Roses” among others. My latest achievement was booking my first lead role in a American feature film; “Los Angeles Shark Attack”. Beyond excited with this role and the responsibility that comes with, specially being a foreign actress and with an accent.


What was growing up in your house like? How important is family to you?

 That’s even hard to put in words. I am so lucky to have the best parents and the family that I have. Even though they are far away back in Brazil, they are one of the most important thing in my life. We are very close. I Facetime my mom and dad almost everyday. Like many Latin cultures, we are very attached to each other even when we all grow up and raise our own families. We together just make the family to get bigger and bigger once we find our loved ones. My childhood was very happy. I was born in a city that wasn’t too big, and I was a tomboy. I used to hang out mainly with my cousins at my own age, all boys. My grandfather had a farm in a small city, close by where we lived, and my weekends were mostly there. Climbing and eating fruits from the trees, playing with the livestock in corral, being active and messy all day and running from my parents barefoot when I didn’t want to have lunch yet. I have great memories from that time. I guess because of that time I am still so in love with animals, action and nature. It’s part of my childhood as well part of who I became today.


When did you decide you wanted to become an actress? What steps did you take to make this happen?

Well, I guess part of me always wanted to be an actress since my teen years. But coming from a family that has no performers on it, it was hard for me even to say out loud. It took many many years for me to acknowledge myself. Also Brazil is not a country that being an artist is easily accepted. They are vey few opportunities to be successful, mainly your chance is being cast in one of the Brazilian soap operas made by the two biggest broadcast channels there. And thats it. Many, many talented artists struggle to have even make their expenses, and so many give up. You don’t have many opportunities like freelance jobs or part-time jobs like you might find it here. It’s either a very demanding job or any job at all.


What was your first audition like? What was going through your head and did you get the role?

Hummmm.. as an actress? To be honest, I don’t remember right now. Before acting I was a TV Host for many years. and I do remember that one because it was out of the ordinary. I was in my 2nd year of college and one of my friends had just started as a reporter on a cable TV. They were looking for more reporters and my friend invited me in.  

We drove after class to the TV station, and honestly I wasn’t expecting much. I mean, I expected to be hired, get to know how behind the camera works, do some training and maybe became a reporter, one day. But then, I talked and I talked a lot. lol

Me and the TV station owner clicked right away, and he said after 1 hour interview: “Ok, your hired”. I was super happy, ecstatic.

I asked:  “When do I start? “

And he says: At 5pm.

Me: When?

He: TODAY! You will be the new reporter for the 5pm news. Marcella will explain to you.

Me: (No answer, just in shock)

No need to say I was so nervous and I thought it was terrible! I had my audition literally “On Air”, but somehow, it worked. A month after that, I got my first TV Show as a TV Host and stayed on this cable TV for 3 years.


You are currently filming “Attack of the Unknown”,what has the experience been like and did Brandon (director Brandon Slagle) provide a good craft table? 

Ahahahaaha. Let me start saying that the craft was incredible, I mean smell incredible. I couldn’t have everything I wanted just because I’m trying to cut my meat intake- that was the base of my nutrition (you know, I’m Brazilian), so not much left. But I’m pretty sure I made my shares only with coffee. Delicious coffee all day long.

The Attack of The Unknown is such an unique project to my heart. When I close my eyes and think of “happiness” that’s my happy place.That “set and that people”. I felt a wave of warmth from every single person there. Everything really smooth. Working with actors like Robert LaSardo gave me a new perspective. I felt so comfortable to create, to play, to have fun. That was the moment I knew that I was doing exactly what I suppose to be doing and that’s what I live for… To feel the way I felt when on set.


You are directing your first short film,”Charlotte’s Tea”,what have you leaned about this experience,pro and con.

Oh man, where do I start. So, I decided to do this short just as an experiment. I wanted to know, even not having any proper training as a director/cinematographer, how it would feel like. And of course, it was a spiral of emotions that I could barely handle, I mean I can’t barely handle still.

I’m a very critical person, specially with myself.

Being the person that is responsible for a vision of a movie takes a lot. Telling a story on the screen that conveys the message in a tone that you have in mind is very hard. Of course, after filming, every single time, you watch it and you think of all the things you should’ve done but you didn’t for some reason. I felt frustrated, impotent even stupid. But then when you start putting together on the editing room, you realize that also can be a blessing. It forces you to think out the box and find different ways to tell the story, that many times can be more interesting or surprising.

Also as an actress, I feel I do get a bigger picture now in how to achieve whatever the director needs from me as a performer. I understand that not everything is how it looks like, and you just have to trust with your guts.

Mia.Attackof the Unknown

What is more of a challenge for you,a fight/death scene or a romantic one?
 How do you approach these kind of scenes?

A death scene. I mean, I’m pretty comfortable with fight scenes, and romantic scenes. Is hard to say how do I approach each one of them, just because each scene, each character for me, demands a different process. Is the same as asking if I work with Meisner, Adler, Stanislavsky. I don’t. I mean, I studied all of them and I believe is an essential foundation to your work as an actor. But eventually, you discover yourself as an artist and them you use all of these tools and then none of these tools. To me is just a different process, each and every single time.


Have you attended any fan conventions as of yet and if so,what are your feelings about them?

I love them! And is interesting because I always attract a lot of kids and they are so genuine, so fresh. It’s a re-charging to everything I’ve been doing it. Just the exchange of energy from people that enjoy you and want to know more about you as a person, is a powerful happy feeling.


You’re doing a shark movie called “Los Angeles Shark Attack”…is there any truth to the rumor that your character will have a cheetah as a sidekick in the movie? Will this be your first “creature feature”? 

Aahahaha. Are you having “inside information” Sir? Who are your sources? Wouldn’t be amazing if we had the cheetah fighting with the shark on the shore?? I’m down for this scene!!!!… lol (Hell yeah,so are we!! – M & P)



What are your three favorite movies of all time and why?

Oh No! I can’t! I was never able to put in a list my favorite movies. Honestly. They are just so many! And to me they change all the time! It depends on the genre! And the phase I’m living in my life. And the ones I watched last… so many variables and so many amazing great movies out there! I love from Death Proof (Quentin Tarantino)) to Sweeney Todd (Tim Burton) to Clockwork Orange (Stanley Kubrick) to Chihiro Spirited Away (Hayao Miyazaki) and the new Wonder Woman (Patty Jenkins) . So yeah, no way I could make a list.


What do you do to relax when you’re not on a shoot? What of music,books,hobbies do you listen,read and do?

I love exercise. It’s a very important part of my life just because it makes me feel good. And for that I need music. Loud music. On the beach. I can tell my favorite books though. The Secret  by Donna Tartt, it’s a fictional novel of 5 friends studying Ancient Greece and murder. It’s superb! And The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger. It really resonated with me in my teenager years and still do.


The cheetah and I are flying in for the screening of “Los Angeles Shark Attack” but of course we’re a day early and you’re stuck playing tour guide,what are we doing? 

Los Angeles is such an amazing experience. I love just drive up to “Mulholland Drive” on the weekends (by the way another one of my favorite movies by David Lynch) listening to music and I love and seeing the city up there. I love going to Pacific Palisades beach for a walk or run. Getty Museum is a great option with it’s own beautiful gardens. Hiking at Mandeville Canyon where you can see the ocean. Watch the sunset at Moonshadows or Nobu, if you like sushi. Or have some smoothie at the Beverly Hills Hotel, if the cheetah wants something sweet. Weather is always so nice, and feel amazing to be outside. I just need to make sure to do a special reservation, so the cheetah can hiss and chirp freely for us to have a conversation.


I like to thank Mia for taking the time to chat with me and for being patient. It has been a rollercoaster of a month for me but I’m so glad that Mia understood.
Like most working actors,Mia has several ways that new fans can follow her career at and we recommend you do.


You can find Mia on Instagram: @miascozzafave

Facebook @thatbrazilianactress

Website www.miafave.com

IMDB: imdb.me/miascozzafave

Feel free to drop a comment and thank you as always for your support!!

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