Its 1:34 am Going to take the next four days off from here. I actually want to write but I have zero drive,I have to admit…the waves are HUGE this year and so I’m going to work on keeping my head above the water this weekend. I really miss my Lori. Fuck cancer.

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Summer of ’13

1:11 am dark/warm This is what I posted on 7 May 13.  Looking back….I can see I was really fucked up,I think I was running around like a chicken who doesn’t know he is dead yet. Lori and I knew she was dying and yet I just didn’t grasp what that really meant,something I have […]

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We got goodies aka Unboxing #2!!

Its 9:47 pm dark/damp Its been well over a year since the cheetah and I received our random box of movies from our friend Lon Lopez. While this is a popular thing to do with YouTube people,we old fashioned bloggers,meaning me,rarely get goodie boxes. So when my friend Pam from All Things Thriller mentioned she […]

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