Its 2:37 am

The cheetah is talking
not to me,not this time
his feet make a steady rain of “pat,pat,pat”
on the glass- the sound is joined in a chorus of

as it carries over to me
entering my ears with the low rumbling of a
purrcano,building louder and strident
casuing me to

rise and move toward this life altering
I only see a HUGE orange/white tail swishing through the air
I’m caught in the wash and I feel myself

floating off my feet wondering how my
windows have gotten so dirty and is that a crack
in the glass from the pat,pat,pat
that is now making me see spots

in my eyes as I am staring into the green abyss that
only a orange/white cheetah can conjure up
I am landing now,just like Apollo 11,flat on my ass
the air is taken from my lungs and

mixes with the purrcano (yes,its a thing) that is still
rising in volume.
The ringing in my ears is loud now and I’m a like a egg
scrambling in a skillet. I make my over to see what has caused

this massive attack on our senses,has driven the orange/white ball of speed and fury
to to such extremes…what,what,what….


oh,a bunny.


MPS – 2019

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