Have Cheetah,Will View #337 – “Nowhere To Run” (2019)

Its 3:04 pm

The cheetah and I were debating the merits of camping in the woods versus going on a safari in Africa. Which one would be more fun,more dangerous and best of all,most thrilling. Well our voices must have carried to the West Coast because as Paladin and I were talking,we got a email from our new buddy Michael Ferguson who recently did a interview with us.
We agreeded to put our debate on hold while we checked out the new horror action short film “Nowhere To Run” directed and written by Mason T. Howard.

Max (Josh Gilmer) loves his girlfriend Kelsey (Brittany Wolf) very much. He has planned a romantic camping trip for the two of them because he has something very special to ask her.
The couple walks into the woods hand in hand and finally find a spot to camp.
But they are suddenly joined by a backwoods redneck named Buzz (Michael Ferguson)
who says he is “hunting pussy”. Max is appalled and gets pissed off but since Buzz is twice his size,he decides to try his way out of trouble by giving Buzz some money. That doesn’t work so Max amps up the ante by threatening to tell the forest rangers about Buzz. This seems to work as Buzz slinks away.
This of course unsettles Kelsey and she asks Max if they can go for a walk. As they wander through the woods,Max is working up the nerve to ask Kelsey to marry him…as he does,she sees a huge bug and freaks out…Max encourages her “that sometimes you have to deal with things and not run away from them”.
They spend a romantic night together but the morning,Buzz returns and he kills Max.
Kelsey is going to have to deal with things on a whole new level……

“Nowhere To Run” is very interesting,on the surface it looks like a typical slasher film.
You got the large and crazy killer,his seemingly unstoppable rage and his cruelty. Ferguson plays Buzz perfectly and even ol Jason Vorhees might decide to camp somewhere else. The scene where he is drinking out of a absolutely filthy cup….simply awesome,the cheetah hacked up a furball watching that…
But this film goes deeper then that,its a study on what we have to do when we have to deal with life. Kelsey is faced with many challenges,getting married,afraid of bugs,of losing Max. Its how she is able to deal with these challenges that will define her. She can run and die or stand and climb the mountain in the form of Buzz. Wolf has a bright future if she decides to become a full on scream queen. Gilmer as Max is solid but holy crow,I don’t Max is the brightest guy in the world….
“Nowhere To Run” looks great,its edited sharply and the cinematography by Ian Asbjornsen is very done and the film is lit very well.

“Nowhere To Run” has a run time of 15:37 and should be considered as a “R” film.
No bugs were killed in the making of this film. This continues our outstanding run of short films here in 2019.
The cheetah and I gave “Nowhere To Run” two thumbs/two paws straight up.

14 thoughts on “Have Cheetah,Will View #337 – “Nowhere To Run” (2019)

  1. All right. I’m in for this one, I looked it up on Xfinity and they don’t have it. Maybe Prime does…I watched a movie a couple of months ago and I can’t for the life of me remember the name of it…I’ve tried to bring it up online but I can’t. Anyway, it’s about a young woman driving through a remote woodsy place and her piece of junk car breaks down and the county criminals pull over and hassle her and things go from bad to worse…It’s very, very good. It’s your kind of flick, I think. A diamond in the rough. I’ll try to bring it up…

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    1. I got to review “Nowhere” before it was released,its why I don’t have pictures or the film included as I normally do with short films.
      I am trying to think of that film you’re describing…I know I have “Revenge” still our docket and I reviewed a film like this here – #66 – Run Like Hell which we liked.

      Liked by 1 person

          1. I really liked it. No, it’s not original–neither was Winter’s Bone and Rust Creek’s not that good. It’s another hillbilly nightmare, but it’s very well done. There’s one scene in which a car comes careening down an embankment narrowly avoiding the heroine that is astonishing.

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