8 Questions with……….actress Judy Cerda

Its 3:07 pm

Welcome to another edition of “8 Questions with……”

Decided to have another go around in the Casting Group I’m a member of. Just about the all people who had contacted me after my first call have either been posted,too busy or just flaked. That happens,I generally am happy with a 33% percent return rate…
But what a joyful way to kick off our newest crop of interviews with some amazing artists…like actress Judy Cerda.
One of my favorite questions is the last one,the cheetah and I are flying in to meet our subject but get there a day early and then they have to play tour guide.
Well Judy mentioned Santa Cruz,Calif and I knew I had lucked out in meeting a pretty cool lady. See,Santa Cruz is a old friend to me when I lived in San Jose. I shared that with Judy and then the talk went about about live music,DJs,a old club that was open when I was there and another one that isn’t. What a delightful and charming lady Judy turned out to be. I completely lucked out here and I’m so happy I got to meet her and now let me move my ass out of the way so you can meet Judy as well…….

 Please introduce yourself and tell us about you.

My name is Judy Cerda and I am an actress. I also do some singing, dancing, print modeling, promo modeling, and voice overs on the side but acting is my main focus. I’ve been involved in the entertainment business all of my life as I started out with taking dance classes, performing in recitals and singing in convalescent homes/talent shows when I was 5 years old. Today I am still passionate about my career and it’s the thing that keeps me going.  I love doing a variety of projects which includes films, commercials, tv shows, web series, music videos and industrials.  I like to play a variety of roles but the villain types, sexy types and dramatic roles are my favorite.  My favorite movie genre is horror.


 What was it like growing up in your home? Was your family artistic?
What are your three fondest memories growing up?

Both my parents sung in talent shows and convalescent homes and brought me along to do the same. I was always very imaginative and liked to do play acting with my dolls and other kids in the neighborhood. I guess I’d have to say my fondest memories were of riding my bike and swinging on the swing while singing as a young child and watching tv shows dreaming that I would be on them playing a similar role.

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 What led you to becoming a actress? How did you get your first job?

I started out doing plays and musicals in the theatre. I practiced singing and acting at home and started attending auditions for both. When I got my first lead role in a play, I was very excited and continued doing plays after that. After some years of doing plays, musicals and dancing in performing groups, I decided to move onto films, commercials and tv shows so I signed up for acting and commercial classes and attended them for over 6 years.  I found that to be alot more exciting and more in line with my career goals.  Since then, I have done over 250 projects in movies, tv shows, commercials, music videos, web series, industrials and more.  

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 I was looking at some of your credits and you have been on some strangely titled 
shows like “Sex Sent Me To the Slammer” and “My Strange Criminal Addiction” – how did you get cast,what roles did you play and what was the experience like on the set of these shows?

It was great being on set for these shows.  Yes, the titles are unique.  These were actually crime drama series that re-enacted real stories on the Discovery ID channel. I was in several of their shows in various roles until they went off the air the end of 2016.  I played a federal agent in one and a victim in the other.  Both shoots were great as well as some other tv shows I did on the Discovery ID channel.  I auditioned for a lead role on one of their shows in the beginning (I Almost Got Away With It), and got it.  After that, they started calling me and booking me without auditions for different shows which I always appreciate.  I really love doing crime drama shows and it is my goal to land roles on NCIS Los Angeles, Law and Order, and Chicago PD.  Those are my favorite shows and I always watch the ION channel as I am so intrigued with their plots.

 Do you feel TV/movies should be accountable for their stories?

I’m not sure what you mean by this one.  I think that creativity should be allowed in movies and tv and that restrictions shouldn’t be put on them if it interferes with their story or their characters. They need to cast who they feel really emulates the roles and not be forced to cast certain types or certain people because the station or production company is insisting on it.  The directors need to choose who they feel is the essence of the characters they are casting, and need to tell the story the way the writer intended.  Political correctness should not be involved in the entertainment business as it’s a business like no other and the right cast and words are needed to bring it to life.
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 What has been the three best best/thee worst experiences so far in your career?

The best experiences have been getting leads in feature films and short films such as Villlain, El Camino, In Three Days, Agent 6, Late for Practice, Year 8, Taxi 24/7, and so much more, being hired to dance and act in much videos such as Insane, several 3pac videos, You Know by Freddiedredd and several others, and landing commercials for Fox TV, Pact Winery, Lucy Daniels Center and several others.    The worst experiences have been when I have gotten booked, memorized lines, gotten my clothes, notes and directions all organized for a shoot, gotten up early to head out, and then get a call or text telling me the shoot is cancelled with no explanation. This has only happened a few times but I think it’s extremely rude and inconsiderate to cancel on an actor like that at the last minute without an explanation. Even if they do give one, it’s still late notice and there should be a cancellation fee.  A few times I did receive a cancellation fee but didn’t a couple of other times and this really teaches me who is unprofessional in this business.  
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 What kind music do you like to sing and how long have you been singing?

I’ve been singing since I was 5 years old.  I started out singing in talent shows and as a performer in convalescent homes with my family.  Singing and dancing has always been a big part of my life.  I enjoy singing nice ballads, pop music, and show tunes.  I really like to sing a variety of new music as well as some good classics.

 As a performer,do you prefer live theater or TV/Film and why?

Definitely TV/Film!  I have done both and I definitely prefer to be seen in a tv show or movie than on stage.  I just always thought of theatre as a practice ground to work up to movies and TV.  It’s fun and exciting but the acting is played up big for the stage so it’s not really realistic the way it is on the screen where natural acting comes into play.  Plus, theatre does not pay actors well and requires a ton of rehearsals (some of them unpaid) so I pretty much got out of that.  My focus is really on tv shows and movies and I submit to casting sites daily for this kind of work.

 If you are at an audition and a fellow actress asked you for help for a part you are both going for,would you help them?

Yes! I have done that.  I have been at auditions with my script printed out and come across an actress who forgot (?) or didn’t print out her script to memorize and practice with for some reason, and helped her out by giving her my script to read over and practice a bit, and even left it with her if I auditioned first and she was still waiting.  I’ve also been asked by a few actresses how I think a role should be read and about emphasis on certain words. I have given my best advice to them to help out.  It doesn’t hurt to help somebody and just let the best woman for the job win no matter who it is.

 What scene is the biggest challenge for you to play?

  A scene that involves alot of kissing and touching.  It’s really hard to play a role like that for me when I know I don’t really feel it for the actor but sometimes it is a necessary part of a film and I understand that.  It can be uncomfortable at first but I get through it.  It helps to work with an actor you have a good chemistry with for that.    

 What do you do in regards to improving your craft?

I work on really feeling the emotions and thinking about how they relate to my own life.  For example, if I need to cry in a scene, I think about what really makes me sad in real life and allow that emotion to take over. I also watch my own videos from films and web series to study what I can improve on.

 The cheetah and I are flying in to see your latest project but we are a day early and you are now our tour guide,what are we doing? 

We are going to Santa Cruz for the day!  We’ll go to the Boardwalk to go on a few rides, go to the warf for lunch where they have some great restaurants, and then we’ll go singing at my favorite karaoke bar, Coasters, in the evening, to meet up with friends, and then go dancing at Blue Lagoon.  
I like to thank Judy for her time and letting us have a nice chat. I also noticed Judy didn’t mention swimming off the beaches,she is my kind of person because those Santa Cruz beaches can be rather sketchy at times. As in being in the Red Triangle,where Great White Sharks like to swim and stuff……so thanks for looking out for us,Judy!!!

To follow Judy’s career,just click on any of the links below.

I like to thank you all for your continued support of both the people who I talk with but also Paladin and myself. We are grateful…..please feel free to drop a comment below!

15 thoughts on “8 Questions with……….actress Judy Cerda

  1. Another great interview. I like the fact you were early enough to take in the sights. I’ll be looking for Judy in one of those crime shows. Hope she gets there or finds something better. All in all, it was a pleasure finding out about her acting career.

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  2. How lovely that she sent such a lengthy interview back. She sounds like a great, very busy lady!! 🙂


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