What’s My Name?

The cheetah is getting even more famous as he has become a character in a very fun and exciting sci-fi story written by writer and fellow blogger “Darnell Cureton.
We encourage you please check out the story and support it so that Paladin can perhaps pop up in chapter 2!!!


My Flash .name2

Call me by my birth name, Darius Wood. I’m a Violent Crime Investigator. With the assistance of a TelePorter, a criminal found me…causing things buried within my soul to come to the surface.


Darius –

I blow off viewing the 3-foot holographic stream of a homicide projected on the ready room desk. The Jo I poured from my thermos and pastry in hand had my attention. Chocolate and dark roast coffee combo, with homemade blue cheese and buffalo sauce babka, raged war on my muscular build.

Each bite of the cheesy delight brought on the guilt of missed workouts with a close male friend. I sigh as I look at my waistline.

“Pay attention to the stream  Dee,” VCI Marcy Little chided. “Focus on work okay?”

We stare each other down. She breaks eye contact first.

Marcy is new to the Violent Crimes division. A unilateral transfer two weeks…

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